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Blank. Blank. Blank Sheet

I think I'm having a writer's block . . . Ugh! I dunno what to write for a Monday Inspirational review. Lord, help me! 

Blank Sheet

It's 11:58AM. I've not scheduled a post for tomorrow. My mind is blank. And I'm angry . . . really angry. 

As I sit here with this blank sheet, I have nothing in particular on my mind to share; But I feel the need to write something.  I could write about anything because the possibility of what to write is endless.

But the question is; What will I write???

Hmm . . . I dunno where this post will lead. But I'd like to read it in the morning when I wake up. I believe one of these two things will happen after I have finished writing this article;
  1. I will feel stupid for saying what I think.
  2. I will find peace for sharing what I feel.
It's now 12:03 AM. A new day has started already. Wait, what happened five minutes ago again? I can't remember. Oh no!

It's 12:05 AM. I dunno what to write again o. Oh OK, I wanted to write how I feel. I remember I was angry. I was really angry. And now I want to discover the reason for my anger on a blank sheet. This is me pouring it all out.

It's 12:08 AM. Ugh!!! I honestly dunno what to write jhorr. The more I'm trying to figure out why I was angry, the angrier I become. Something isn't right with me. I'm calling out for help on this blank sheet.

It's 12:12 AM. In my mind, I am writing . . .  out of my mind. Isn't it crazy to try to write about what you think about the feeling you do not know about? Oops. There I go again. . . out of my mind. Take me out of here!

It's 12:17 AM. I am now thinking whether I should go out of my mind or stay inside my mind. I dunno where inspiration will come from sef. I am looking for it. How I wish this blank sheet will give me an idea.

It's 12:20 AM. No idea.

It's 12:23 AM. No idea. 

It's 12:26 AM. No idea. I cannot come and kill myself. I'm not writing again jhorr. I will find inspiration later. 

It's 12:29 AM. No. No. If I don't write now, it means there'll be no blog post for the day. Haa, I just have to write something. I can't afford not to fill up this blank sheet. 

It's 12:31 AM. No idea. 

It's 12:34 AM. Erm . . .

It's 12:37 AM. Wait a minute! I'm beginning to enjoy this; The idea of writing out what I'm thinking about what I'm feeling is kind of interesting. Even though I'm not sure where this is leading. It feels just right to pour it all out on this blank sheet.

It's 12:41 A.M. Aha! I'm now smiling. I thought my mind was blank before o. I am not blank jarey. I have something on my mind after all. This blank sheet is no longer blank. Yay!

12:45 AM. Hahahaha!

It's 12:47 AM. I have discovered why I was angry. I was angry because I needed the right idea before I write on this blank sheet. I shouldn't have. 

It's 12:51 AM. Anyways, I now know what to do when I feel as blank as a new sheet. I will believe I have something to write about. I will be determined to fill in the blanks and complete my sentences. I will choose to be positive no matter how exhaustive I feel. I will stay inspired no matter what transpired earlier. Yes! That is what I will do. I will simply believe I am writing . . . and let it flow. 

It's 1:00 AM. Whao! Talking about letting it flow, I have written quite a number of words already. I have realized that a blank sheet can be compared to waking up to a brand new day. A brand new day full of brand new thoughts, brand new imaginations, and brand new creations. I could write just about anything . . . anything. 

Hey sweetie, I challenge you to let go of that negative feeling of fear, inferiority complex, anxiety, anger, or worry. And take your thinking beyond the limits of every current possibility. Apply this directly to whatever project you will be working on this week. Believe it is working and it will!

If today is a blank sheet, what will you write? Will you even write?

*schedules post for 5:59 AM* I'm off to bed. I should sleep now. When I wake up, I will read every single word I have written.

Happy new week!
Stay inspired.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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