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DIARY: 5 Things That Make Me Truly Happy :)

It's November! Happy New Month sweethearts of my blogosphere! We made it. Yes, we made it into the 11th. There is so much to be happy about here. So much!  :)

We are H-A-P-P-Y. We know we are. We are sure we are. We are H-A-P-P-Y. Happy! :)

5 Things That Make Me Truly Happy

:) :) :) I intend to start and end my first paragraph with three happy smileys. I hope you have a beautiful smile on your face right now. :) :) :)

Don't let the devil fool you. You have every reason to be happy. Look him in the face and say: "I choose to be happy. Therefore, I Amaka (insert your name here) is happy!

Lemme inspire you by telling you what makes me happy.

1. My Health

Guys, I have not had any illness to make me sleep in a hospital. That's enough to make me happy!

2. My Blog

I know it’s obvious, but I just love blogging. My blog just makes me happy!

3. My Books

The number of books in my library has greatly increased, and that makes me happy!

4. My Natutral Beauty

I don't have to wear makeup to look beautiful, and that makes me happy. Lol.

5. My Smile

My God-given beautiful smile makes me happy. When I smile, my heart radiates happiness. And the rays spreads across the room . . . all over the place.

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My energy level is so high today! I could go on and on listing things that make me happy. But to stay charged up, I’d rather know what makes you happy?

Let’s hear about it in the comment box below. :)


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