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The Strategy That Clears Your Mind In Less Than 20 Minutes

As I was thinking about what to blog about today, I came up with this strategy. I've been doing it for a while and I didn't even know! Now that I have become aware, I decided to share. :)

Mind Releasing Strategy 

I use this strategy when I’m feeling mentally blanked out and bogged down.

When I need to regain my concentration on a task or when I need to perk myself up for an upcoming task, this strategy helps me get a lot of clutter cleared out in just 20 minutes. If I was sleepy before, the exercise makes me more awake and mentally “free”. Then I start to concentrate better, and get inspired do what I have to do. 

It's been proven over and over again. I used this strategy to write articles such as 'Blank Sheet', 'Obsession With Blogging', and 'I Don't Know What To Write'. Yeah. 

Our mind is like computer.  

Every computer has RAM (Random Access Memory) which is a form of storage - which determines its processing capacity. The more applications you run on your computer, the more RAM it uses and the slower your computer gets. Our brain has its own RAM too. Our RAM is used for all kinds of brain work, from thinking, recalling past memories, analyzing data, to solving a problem. The more RAM you have at your disposal, the more RAM you have to focus on your tasks at hand.

However, not all of our RAM is available when we want them. At least half is occupied with yamayama thoughts mind clutter – thoughts running in the background. We will just be thinking about things that we shouldn't be thinking about - Things like what we have not done yet, what we said wrong, some issue we are facing, some advertisement we just saw on TV, music we just heard next door, Twitter, what Amaka wrote on her blog yesterday, etc.

So, How do you clear your mind? How do you process the thought you need from the clutter?

This is where my strategy comes in. :)

I choose to call it The Mind Releasing Strategy because it simply means releasing the contents of your mind through writing. Yes, writing. (I wanted to call it The Thinking-Thinker Strategy' like I once admitted on BMF, but I changed my mind). 

This is how it works . . . 

  • Find a BLANK Sheet

It can either be pen/paper or a screen. I prefer a pen on paper because I have a nice handwriting. Just kidding. Choose whatever works best for you.

  • Write WHATEVER comes to mind

When I say whatever, I mean whatever! For example, if you are looking at the paper and thinking “wow, this looks so white”, then write that. If you don’t know what to write, then just write “I don’t know what to write”. Basically just get whatever is on your mind down. No matter how crazy or stupid it is, write. There’s no need to overthink this. It’s just to get down what you are thinking.

  • CONTINUE the process for the next 20 minutes

Do it for however long it takes for your mind to feel clearer. Sometimes just 10 minutes is enough for me, and other times I can take over an hour if I’m extremely bogged down.

I keep asking myself: "Amaka, what are you thinking about right now?" And my answers move from something hilarious, to something sensitive, to something deep.

It's very normal that you will find your own thoughts jumping from all angles too. One minute you are thinking about what you had for breakfast, the next minute you are thinking about how your last weekend went, then the next minute you are thinking about the friend you have not seen for days.

Let it flow. Keep writing until you break through your thoughts. The longer you spend on this exercise, the more clutter you can clear, and the higher your mental clarity.

Writing is bae. Writing is a more effective way of processing clutter than sleeping. Some people clear their minds by sleeping. With sleep, you have to wait till REM before clutter is processed. But with this exercise, you can process a lot of clutter really FAST.

  • Read What You Have Written To Yourself 

It’s so interesting to read back what you have written after the 20 minutes. 

As random as these thoughts may be, as queer as they may seem, these thoughts have always been on your mind – the exercise merely brought them out so they’re now cleared from your mind.

When you have poured out your thoughts on paper, you literally see your mind with your eyes. And it will help you choose the useful thoughts to dwell on. 

  • Next

It's a wonderful experience, really.

You will feel calmer and lighted up.

Do whatever you want to do with the content of what you wrote. Delete it or tear it off. There’s no need to keep them unless some things gave you new insights. You might want to keep them as an evaluation process or a source of inspiration for what to do next. 

Just the same way I was inspired by that blank sheet post and this very one you are now reading. It is fun doing this exercise! If you're someone who likes to draw, draw instead. I did that when I drew up Mr. Man.

This strategy works very well for me and I’m sure it’ll be very useful for you too. :)

P.S. Love to write inspirational articles on career, lifestyle, relationship, or blogging? I'd need a guest post from you. Send me an email. It's time to let out your heart Rays too. 🙋

P.S S It's the 7th day of the 7th month. A very perfect day to key in on He who gives perfection. I will be away. *kisses*

What's your most favourite time to write? 

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
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