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Who Are You? I Am ____

I am learning a new habit. Or, I should say, I am forming a good habit of being conscious of whatever it is I attach to the words "I am".

Who Are You?

Last week, I had a weird dream during a nap. In that dream, an envelope in the form of a man was coming towards me, and I was running away from it. The nearer it got, the faster I ran. Then I woke up with the scene replaying itself on my mind.

I tried to forget it. It wouldn't let me.

It haunted me, actually.

So I prayed.

Few hours later, it dawned on me like a lightbulb. I understood the dream. You know that moment when the Voice says, "see, that is exactly what I told you about!"? 

I realized I'd been repeating "I am broke" to my friends a million times (I even had the guts to confess it here. Smh). And it seemed like I was getting broker each time I said it.

"Oh my God!" I started screaming like a recently discharged psychiatric patient: "I am rich!" "I am rich!" "I am a money magnet!" "Money comes to me freely!" "Yes, I am rich!"

It's crazy how I have been unconsciously creating my world and experiencing it. We have to be conscious of what we say. More importantly, we have to be conscious of how we define ourselves.

Never attach a negative word to "I am".

Don't say: I am broke
Say: I am rich.

Don't say: I am jobless
Say: I am creative.

Don't say: I am weak
Say: I am strong.

Don't say: I am restless
Say: I am peace.

Don't say: I am unlucky with love
Say: I am love.

Don't say: I am unworthy of happiness
Say: I am happy.

Say positive things about yourself, your situation and your life. Create the world you want with your words.

Attach positive words to "I am"

Take a journey of self-discovery.

Who are you?

I am __(write in the comment box)_

You are the only one who gets to decide on the word that comes after you declare “I AM.” Choose wisely.

Happy New Week.
Stay positive.
Stay inspired.
Stay sweet.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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