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Dear Diary, I Don't Need Wings To Be An Angel

Wings are optional. Some angels choose not to have them, because having wings requires a lot of grooming and maintenace.

I Am An Angel

His father poisoned his food. 

Then he told his bodyguards to throw the boy out to die. 

So the guards took the boy to a bush very far from home. 

There he was, dead. 

Then an angel appeared. "Emmanuel, get up."

That is a script I wrote. I also assisted the stage director - made sure the actors and actresses got their lines and mannerisms right. It was fun to see the story being played out.

We had many nights of rehearsals. There were days when we couldn't sleep and they were days when we wanted to give up. Still we persisted.

Then the day for our presentation came. We were all excited and anxious. Even though we knew we were prepared, we prayed that people will get the real message of the play.

"Amaka, Bukola is not here. You'll have to be the angel." Mr. Yemi, the director said.

"Oh. She is not here? How come? "

"I dunno. I should be asking you that. You can call her later. Go and wear your costume."

"My costume?" That word sank deep in my heart and still sounds as fresh as it did that night.

So, I wore my costume . . . an angel.

Angel Amaka.
Drama Night, White Chapel.
(May 2016)

Those who act are really brave. How they "put on" the costumes of some other people, especially the ones that are not "cool" is really brave . . . Not everyone can do that.

I love this costume.

It is easier to "put on" the costume that you already are or will want to become.

One thing I have realized in becoming the person I desire to become: No matter what is on the outside, no matter what my life looks like now, I have the power to BECOME.

There is an angel within us. An angel who is gentle, friendly, and sweet.

We all have the tremendous creative power to be both a human and an angel, a warrior and a king, a teacher and a boss, a person of value and a person of achievements – of beauty and power and grace. We have the power to be anything and everything we choose.

I am an angel. :)

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Would you rather be an angel or a human? 

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