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STYLE: Rocking A Shirtdress

What is a shirtdress? Basically, it’s a longer version of a shirt, usually button-down, slightly oversized, long, that looks like a shirt but worn as a dress.

So I got one. Here is the story .  .  .


Once upon a time . . .

I went shopping at the nearest local market (Oshodi, Lagos precisely) and found a perfect cotton long oversized button-down shirt, and was thrilled. "Wow! It's a shirtdress."

Although I fell in love with it, yet I was stuck between buying it or not.

The fashionista in me was like: "YES! buy it, it’ll make the perfect casual chic dress for weekends."

The other girl in me was like: "It's not really your thing. Don't buy it."

The fashionista in me responded "C'mon! There is no harm in trying out a new look. Besides, it's decent."

Well. Well. Well. After going back and forth about it, the fashionista girl won.

So I imagined myself in this shirtdress almost immediately. Right there and then, I got inspired to blog about this shirtdress. But many other things came up and I forgot. Every time I remembered, I found some excuses. Until today. I got no reason not to put up a style post. 

That is the story. 

*grinning* OK. Story over. Let's have some "modelling" pictures . . .

Loving the cute Mickey Mouse on my shirtdress. :D

Let it not be that I came here to just show off my shirtdress. I actually want to inspire you not to say "no" to trying out new looks.

The ability to embrace change is a stepping stone to enjoying a creative lifestyle.

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Now, How Do You Wear A Shirtdress?

Very simple! Wear it like a dress.

Having said that, it’s the shoes that set the tone of the outfit, and maybe shirt’s cut, fabric and design too.

You can wear it cinged at the waist with a belt (thin belts are always better in my opinion). Or, you can leave it un-belted for a more effortless vibe of the whole look.

Whichever way you choose to wear a shirtdress will be fabulous. There is really no stress in wearing a shirtdress. All you need is to let your light shine through it. Go girl!

Will you rock this?

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