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What I Wore: An Ankara Hatinator

Happy New year sweeties! Lol. Yeah. It's a new year. I'll explain. :D

An Ankara Hatinator


is the first Sunday of July.
is the first Sunday after my birthday.
is the first Sunday after our blogiversary.
is the first post on Heart Rays for this month.

So you see, it is the first of many good things. It feels like a new year to me.

Let's not also forget this is the first Sunday in the second half of the year! So what are we not now saying? Hehehe . . . Happy New Year Jhorr! :)

Alrightie. Let's move on to the business of the day . . .

What I Wore: An Ankara Hatinator

I love to mix things up and create fun, intentional and inspired outfits. Moreso I love to do it with Ankara fabric. Ankara fabric is vibrant and can be very easy to work with. It doesn’t give you stress when it comes to styling. Plus, it makes you stand out as you walk in. *winks*

I made this hatinator with Ankara. And wore it to church today. You like?

In case you didn't know, a hatinator is a small headpiece that is generally worn on the side of the head. It is NOT a hat. It is simply placed on the head for decoration. 

Hatinators are usually used to decorate the hair. However, yours truly intended to cover her hair with it, so as to make it church appropriate. Lol. I guess I failed. 

I personally don't like hats but I like hatinators. Does that make sense? Yes. In case you haven’t guessed, a hatinator combines features of a hat as well as a fascinator.

Fashion equation: 
Hat  + Fascinator = Hatinator

It's 4:30 PM. This is exactly what I look like right now. I am still grooving in my hatinator. The day is not over yet. (That brings me to say the year is not over yet. It is only just starting).

I've got a little secret to tell you. But I'd save it for next week's What-I-Wore post

So sweetie, how have you been? What's Sunday looking like? Hat or hatinator? 

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