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STYLE: Rocking Red Hair

Yay! I did it! I took a leap of faith and stepped out of my comfort zone of rocking black and brown hair to red hair. It's not my first time though, but it feels so after a very long time.

Rocking Red Hair

I had this "this girl is on fire" look a couple of weeks ago. (May 2015). My intention was to look the opposite of what I felt on the inside.

I felt gloomy yet wanted to appear upbeat. And I felt weakened yet wanted to appear confident. I think it worked, if you ask me. It was an adventure . . . a hair adventure.

Rocking red hair is a bold statement. It is daring. It is all about attitude and confidence. You literally stand out of the crowd with a red hair because it makes you noticeable.

There is no big deal to this post. I just want to point out that this red hair made me feel bubbly, energetic, bold and . . .*whispers* crazy. Red can totally lift up your mood.

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Have you ever noticed a change of mood after changing your hair colour, style or preference a little? Would you ever rock red hair? 

P.S Where are my sweethearts? Please come back!!!

Happy Sunday.

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