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3 Positive News I Found This Week

Yay! It's Friday! There is nothing more inspiring than stepping into the weekend with some positive news. I found some, and thought to share!

3 Positive News Of The Week

A positive news is any news that makes your heart smile and bubble with joy. It makes you believe good things still happen.

Here we go!

Jarret Adams Sprung From Prison To Law School

Jarrett Adams, who at age 17 was sentenced to 28 years in prison for an alleged rape he didn't commit, went to law school after being exonerated. He is now starting law practice in New York City.

Sprung from prison through efforts by the the Wisconsin Innocence Project, Adams entered Loyola University Law School and graduated last year. His wife took a job in New York City, and Adams got a job there as a post-conviction litigation fellow with the Innocence Project there.

This is what he told CBS Chicago:
"I put my mind to it. I put my work behind it. I put God first, and now look at me,"

Awww! I like that he acknowledges God. Go Jarret! A set back can be a set up for a come back.

Two Grandmas Become Flower Girls At Grandchildren's Wedding

This was the VERY news I read which made me go "Awwww!" I just needed to have it on Heart Rays. It is so sweeeeet!

Maggie (the bride) and Josh (the groom) share special bonds with their grandmothers. So they went to a local craft store and assembled flower girl baskets with silk rose and presented the baskets to their grandmas as a "flower girl proposal." The grandmas accepted without hesitation. The wedding photographer shared the pictures on her Facebook page

There is no need wasting money on asoebi and bridal dresses. Lol. This is a great idea!

The Women @ The Well (TWTW) hold her 4th Meet Up On July 30

This makes my heart bubble with excitement! TWTW is a group of women walking together towards becoming who God destined them to be.

I talked about their first and third meeting here and here. This one promises to be even more excitingly refreshing. They'd be having a guest speaker, Lady SALT. And a talkshow to dissect issues on singlehood. You can't afford to miss this! If you're single, female and interested, send mail to 4thewomenatthewell@gmail.com.

I will be there.

Any other positive news we should know about? Please share in the comment box below.

Happy Weekend!
Stay positive. Stay inspired.

Source: SunnySkyzNews

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