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Sharp And Blunt Pins

Hi sweets! How have you been? I've been sewing a lot lately, and I'm enjoying it! Those who sew use pins almost every single time. Even though pins don't seem like much, they are VERY IMPORTANT. I thought it might be good to have a Monday Inspirational post focusing just on pins. :)

Sharp And Blunt Pins

I recently bought a new box of pins. The one I had was torn and scattered all over my sewing cupboard. I decided to buy a new one.

I discovered that some of the pins were difficult to use. They wouldn't go into the fabrics easily. I had to FORCE them in. 

And it bothered me. 

Imagine being bothered by these small things? Phew. They said "don't sweat over little things", there I was stressing myself over pins!

When things bother me, I give attention to it. I try to UNDERSTAND why it is important enough to stress myself about. 

As a sewist (if there is any word like that), pins are worth stressing about. For real.

At the start of a new sewing project, I get really excited about the fabric I’m going to use and what pattern or style it’s going to be made into. After that initial excitement has worn off, I’ll then start to think about what notions it might require—will I need to buy any special zippers, buttons, or elastics? Do I already have a matching thread in my stash? It’s usually only when I sit down to start sewing that I look and see if I’ve got a suitable needle, and I only really notice my pins when I pull out a bent or dull one midway through sewing.

Pins are unsung heroes of the sewing process.

Considering the fact that I must have cut the fabric, and even almost started sewing the fabric before working with pins, they are indispensable.

A pin is used to hold two fabrics together. Annoyingly, some pins cannot do that easily. I struggle with them. I add more pressure - because the edges are blunt.

"Using sharp pins require no strength, but using a blunt pin is a lot of work."
~ Amakamedia

Blunt pins require more pressure to be applied while sharp pins have smoother handling. Should a blunt pin slip, the consequences could be greater.

Blunt pins roughens the fabrics while sharp pins are smooth on the fabrics.

Blunt pins are slow to use and take more of my time while sharp pins are easy and quick to use.

I love the Bible so so much. It is my number one source of information. Everything is right there - including sewing!

If your pin is blunt, more strength is needed. But wisdom will make your sewing successful!

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We need wisdom to succeed.

We are reaching for a goal, pursuing our dreams, and fulfilling purpose. we need to know what is required and what is not. As well as what is necessary and what is not. 

We need wisdom in everything we do - both little and big things.

Wisdom is profitable to direct. Wisdom prevents us from several avoidable battles.

It takes wisdom to know when to let go and make a change.

If you don't use fit and proper means to accomplish any work, it will cost you so much labour and pains; but wisdom is profitable to direct — Both in the choice and in the use of means.

Sharp pins over blunt pins

At this point of my sewing skill, I have decided not to struggle with blunt pins anymore. If I see them, I'd throw them away without blinking. I'd rather use sharp pins which require little or no effort.

Why would anyone want to use a blunt pin?

May God give us wisdom. Amen.
Have a great week!
Love you.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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