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RELATIONSHIP: How To Know You Mean A Lot To Her

Subsequent to last week's post - how to know you mean a lot to him, Johnero and a few guys requested to know about ladies too. Then I said, "Yeah, sure!" I thought they'd never ask. I'm glad they did. So here we go!

When You Mean A Lot To Her

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Let's be practical. You can never understand how a woman's mind works. Women are very complicated. (why am I even proud to say that? I guess it's because being complicated is also our strength). Yeah, yeah. Read "The Woman" to understand.

It can be hard to tell when a woman is actually taking you seriously and when she just thinks of you as a friend or a “cool” guy. I'm not promising that what you're about to read will spill out EVERYTHING. However, one thing is for sure, you'll get one, two and three clues at the end of the day.

So guys, you have been trying to guess for some time now, today you're sure you mean something to her and the next day you're not sure she even likes you. These are 7 signs to GUIDE you on what to think . . .

She Calls or Texts You FIRST

Honestly, it is a BIG deal for a woman to pick up her phone to call/text you first. When you mean a lot to her, she’ll let you know and make it obvious. We don’t call or text a guy just because we’re bored. We actually think very farrrr. If she doesn't like you, she will not call you because she wouldn't want to give you the wrong idea.


Think about it – a woman has so many other things she can possibly be doing! But instead, she’s reaching out and initiating the interaction with YOU. C'mon guys! Only a woman who is interested in you is going to do that!

(*clears throat* The only exception is when she calls/texts you first because she’s verrry bored and you’re the only friend available.)

She Ask Lots Of PERSONAL Questions 

See let me tell you something, women don't have time. With all of the stuff bouncing around in our mind at all times of the day, if we find the time and energy to dig into your life and find out what you’re about, then you're really worth the stress.

We wouldn't care if you don't mean a lot to us. When we ask questions, it's a great sign! 

Lol. Anytime I ask a boyfriend "have you eaten?" and he goes like "No o." I'll be like "Why?" it's almost 12! Please go and eat!" That brings me to the next point. 

She Is Always Ready To COUNSEL You

If it seems that she is always there trying to help you or counsel you over the smallest issue you might have told her about, chances of her being interfering or over-friendly may arise but it is also possible that she is trying to show her interest in your life. If she seems genuinely interested and constantly takes updates about your problems, it is most likely you mean a lot to her! 

Women are natural care-givers. If she likes you, she would pour a mega dose of her care and concern on you.

I don't think I need to elaborate on this one. Why would you want to have anything to do with a lady who treats you like trash? C'mon guys!

(By the way, did you hear about the "Kunle shut up and drive" story that trended on Twitter yesterday? Mehn! It weakened me. Read the thread here)

She BREAKS Her Own Rules

Me everytime, "how did he get me to do that? 

When a principled lady breaks her rules because of you, you need no angel to tell you she likes you way too much.

She Stylishly Tells You She Is Single And Available 

She’ll say things like, “Nope. 100% single. No man here.” or “Ehn since I don’t have a boyfriend.” or “I’m not dating anyone . . .” If she throws it out there like a pitcher for you to catch, then guy, it is almost GUARANTEED she wants likes you beyond like.

What are you waiting for? Catch it already!

She Pulls Your Legs

If she’s cracking jokes, picking at you, poking you, and teasing you politely, she’s probably or definitely interested. I personally make fun of guys and crack jokes on them all the time if I like them. A quiet and calm lady can be a "trouble maker" just because she likes you. 

If she is giving you a hard time, then you mean a lot to her! 

Weird, right? That's women for you. Hahaha . . .

Dear guys of my blogosphere, just keep an eye out for these signs, but also remember that attraction is a fluid thing and each woman is different. Just because she does or doesn’t show these signs doesn’t mean she can’t come to love you over time (or decide you’re actually a jonzer - oops!). Stay vigilant, be attentive (to the Spirit)
and try to understand her as your connection grows and changes. Who knows? you might just have found the ONE.

Cheers to love!

* * * 

Again, I did. 

P. S.  There is no point wasting time on a girl who doesn't like you. Next LoveWednesday's post will be telling you how to know when she doesn't like you. Watch this space guys.  I've got your back. *kisses*

So ladies, do you agree with this article? Any other tip they should know about? Guys, what turns you off even after seeing these signs? Let's discuss.  :) 

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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