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STYLE: Tired Of Your Maxi Dress? Make A Skirt In 30 Minutes

Every girl needs a good skirt. Every girl loves a good skirt. And the best ones, in my opinion, are those you recycled, you designed or made by yourself. :)

Maxi Dress To Maxi Skirt

You can do this in 30 minutes by following 4 easy steps. It's easy if you are good with scissors and pins. And it's super easy if you have a sewing machine

The only thing you need for this creative project is an elastic band. 

Step1: Make a big cut! 

Step 2: Take the skirt part and turn it inside out to hem it. 

Step 3: Cut the elastic to your waist size. 

Step 4: Sew the elastic into the skirt. Or simply attach it if you want. 

Oh la la! Then you have your super easy skirt made out of a dress. 

NOTE: The circumference of your waistband will probably be smaller than the circumference of your skirt. That's fine. As you sew you will stretch your elastic as you feed it through the sewing machine so that the elastic will be made the same length as your skirt fabric . . . and which will create cute gathers when you are no longer stretching the elastic out by hand.

I have to apologize for not being able to show you how (showing each steps) I cut out the top part of the dress and sewed the elastic into the skirt. I was having so much fun that I forgot to take pictures while at it.

I hope this picture makes sense:


The chop:

The elastic:

The model:

I'm belt-obsessed. Lol. I like to think belts accentuate tiny waists.
Remember those slippers? Got them last Christmas.

Like I said, this is a 30-minute project from start to finish. You should do this when you get bored with your dress. It's something I'd love to do over and over again. Creativity thrills.

A maxi skirt is comfortable and casual. It's perfect when you’re pregnant, it's even perfect after you have the baby. It's perfect if you are not sure whether you're growing fatter or slimmer. It's perfect when you are bored with your clothes. It's perfect when you start to hate your dresses. It's just simply PERFECT!

Skirts (maxi, mini, or short) are actually one  of my favourite things in the world. See how I turned my brother's shirt into a skirt HERE, what I did to a mini skirt HERE and how I crazily played around another maxi skirt HERE.

You like? How would you rock this skirt for a date? Somebody is about to catch a big fish. *grins*

Happy Sunday!
Cheers to achieving goals and meeting targets.

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