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What I Wore: Frustration From Ankara Jacket And Pendant

I am running out of introductory paragraphs for WIW Sunday posts. I don't want to start with the regular "Hey Sweeties! Happy Sunday! How was church today?" greetings. So let's just say I'm still thinking about how to introduce today's post. Lol.

Girl, are you feeling the weather?!

Jacket and Pendant

If you are already following on Twitter, you probably saw my tweet telling how excited I am about what I'd be wearing to church today. But what I intended to wear just couldn't work out because of . . . the rain!!!!

The rain changed my plans, but I'm not crying. No, I'm not. Phew!!! There will always be many more Sundays. Yeah?

Today's style is featuring What I Wore to church some weeks back - an Ankara Jacket and an Ankara pendant.

No matter how empty/full a woman's wardrobe is, there are days when she feels she has so many clothes. And there are days when she feels she has nothing to wear.

It's normal.

However, if you have more of the latter days feeling like "I don't have anything to wear!", I dished out some tips in 'How To Repeat Your Clothes Like A Pro'. Check on it if you haven't.

For me, this time it wasn't a matter of having or not having what to wear. It was a matter of choosing HOW to wear what to wear.

I had a hard time on styling before I finally decided to settle for a pink skirt, a black camisole and a pair of blue court shoes to rock with my Ankara jacket and pendant.

Ankara fabrics come in varieties of colours. And sometimes the colours leave you with so many options to choose from. Hence, the confusion . . . which may lead to frustration. Lol.

my creation. I'm proud like that. 

Hey! I don't want to assume you already know I make and sell ANKARA ACCESSORIES. I do oh. *adjusts glasses* One of the objectives of the 'What-I-Wore' (WIW) posts is to feature my products. See what you like? I can make something very similar for you.

I'm working on doing some tutorials soon so that you can easily learn how to make for yourself too.

I really hope these style posts inspire you - to fall in love with creating your own personal expressions -  to enjoy repping Africa with Ankara fabrics.

(I have rocked skirts, shirts, jackets, hatinators, shoes, headwraps, earrings, etc made with Ankara fabric. You can too.)

Staring at the pictures again, I'm starting to think I looked too "pinkish" . . . shouldn't have worn a pink skirt.

What do you think? How else would you have rocked this Ankara jacket and Ankara pendant altogether?

P.S It's been raining all day. Calling today a 'SUNday' will make me a liar. Lol. Happy Rainday!

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