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What I Wore: White Shirt On High Waist Ankara Ball Skirt

Hey sweethearts of my blogosphere! How are you all doing? I feel excited each time I get on this blog. You light up my world for real! Thank you for every single time you visit Heart Rays. Thank you for everytime you leave a comment. And thank you for everytime you are just YOU. * plenty kisses and hugs* 

High Waist Ankara Ball Skirt

Sdyfgubohohigd ftiggigig ftigigigig ufufugig fufigihoh jfigigkhkb jfifigigiv jfufigih kfkgig jcjfkgkgkhh ussfzgdg ufjcjvkv jfjfjgjv jcjfjfj I literally have no words to express myself right now. 

Jjkjjjjj ghkgf ufyfufu yfufuf y zaaw aZs errfc dffv ijhbnc mllgsc ssff ufjcufu gsadc f. ucufufu ufufhc ufufjc If only a camera captures the heart just the way it captures our face and clothes . . . They'd see the true pain, joy and strength hidden within us.

"Smile, even when your heart is aching."

Happy Sunday!

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