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Dear Diary, She Is . . .

Diary Entry
June 2016
~ Reflections: She Is ~

She is born. She is full of hope. She takes her first breath. she smiles for the first time, and the whole wide world actually lights up. She is born into a life she knows nothing about, a world she never knew she would come into. She has to be here . . .

Her path has been prepared. She is to take on a journey. A journey for which she has been born.

She learns to sit. She sits. She learns to crawl. She crawls. She learns to stand. She stands for the first time, then she falls. Her legs get stronger. Soon enough, she learns to stand. She takes her first baby step. She walks. She walks, she falls, and then gets back up again. She continues to walk and walk. She is not stopping . . .

She jumps. She dances. Oh, she loves to jump and dance.

She opens her mouth. She makes sounds that cannot be put into words. She screams. She screams out of pain yet she screams out for joy. She speaks her first word, "Yes". 

She says yes to laughter. She says yes to love. She says yes to life. 

She begins to understand who she is . . .

She is beautiful. She is chosen. She is loved.

Her hormones starts to build up. Puberty hits her. Her body starts to change. She has never felt this way before. Suddenly she starts to feel like a stranger . . . a stranger in her very own body. She doesn't understand what is going on . . .

She feels something good is happening inside of her. Sometimes it can be so painful that it makes her cry. Sometimes it can be sweet that it makes her bubble with joy. 

She is not certain. But she believes

She is . . . growing. 
She is . . . evolving.
She is . . . becoming.
She will take over the world.
Through her, light will shine . . .
Through her, nations will come forth . . .

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Lemme confess: I started out to write a beautiful birthday poem o. Before I knew what was happening, I lost the rhythm and gave up.

Ever birthed a dream? Can you relate it to her? How do you perceive this post?

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
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