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It's My Birthday!!!

June 26 is here!!! I can't keep calm!!! I can't be still!!! I don't know what to do. I'm feeling everything all at once at the same time. I think I'm having a Birthday fever!!!

26.26.26. Birthday Fever Feelings


I can't even sleep. Who sleeps on her birthday? Definitely not me. O_O


I am yawning. We yawn for three major reasons - because we are hungry, bored or sleepy. I'm yawning because of all the three reasons. I'm hungry for God's glory, I'm bored of the status quo and I literally do feel sleepy . . . but then again, I have to arise and shine. 


I am awake. 


Hmmmm . . . I smell the freshness of a new dawn. This is the day that LORD has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!


"OMG!!! It's My Birthday!!!" "Thank You Lord for the gift of life. Thank You Lord for another June 26. You've been my defence and glory. You are a sheild and lifter of my head! You . . . " 


I smile. Yeah, I smile again.


"Erm . . . on second thought, I'm actually getting old."


"What are you even excited about? It's not like you're married, rich or something." The devil is trying to steal joy with lies sha. What do I do? Cry? Sulk?


Whatever. I am letting my hair down to have the best year ever. I must get myself ready to step into a new season. I must get ready to carry a bigger anointing . . . into a higher level of grace . . . into a greater dispensation of glory. Amen!


Awww . . . I look into the mirror. "Mirror, Mirror,  who is the most beautiful, gorgeous, confident and loving woman right now". Me!!! Loving the beautiful woman I am becoming. I see her coming to light. I speak her into being as though she was.


I am giggling. The butterflies in my stomach are dancing now. I'm nervous, but I'm excited. This birthday fever is real.


I am screaming. Screaming with excitement. I can't be still when I'm excited. I s-c-r-e-a-m!!!


I am blushing.


Is it my birthday for real?!! Lemme not lie, it's "sweeting" me gan!!!


Mehn, I can't wait to see what God, my family, my friends and my fans (for "f" sake) have in store for me today. I be like "Aww . . . all these for me?" 


I am closing my eyes. I hope they throw me a surprise party or something. Seriously. :D


My eyes are still closed. I know God sure has a surprise package for me. Oh yes, I know!!! I'm one of His best sweethearts.

I'm grateful for the days ahead - the future.


For those things that made me cry, they made me strong. I'm grateful for those who left and those who are still sticking with me. It's been a ride. Really.


See how the birthday messages are already pouring in. Many wishes and prayers for me today. My pictures are everywhere. And I am blown away by this show of love. "OMG! Did someone just ask for my bank account number?!" Hehehe . . .


And Yeah!!! My blog is 2 today. (there will be different post to celebrate my 2nd blogiversary).


How more grateful can I possibly be??? June26 is apparently a day of double celebration and blessings. We must pop something!!!


Thank you so much, sweets. Kisses to you for your love and support. I couldn't have made it this far without you. God bless you richly. You rock!


I don't know what to say. I'm alive. I'm healthy. My mouth can't express what my heart feels now. 


Of a truth, God has been faithful. I give Him glory, honour, power and praise over my life!!! It's been God all the way!!!


Amongst all things, I want to celebrate my birthday by reading your inspiring comments again and again.

It's the last Sunday of the first half of the year, take an extra thought today and thank God for all He has done . . . 

Happy Birthday to me!!!

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