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The Difference Between a Good Idea and a Godly Idea

I'm a thinking thinker. (see BMF) I enjoy thinking. I like it when an idea pops into my head like, "flash! flash!". Sometimes it is a good idea but other times it isn't.

Good vs Godly

The other day, I received a quote:
"To have an idea is good. To have a good idea is better. To have a godly idea is best."
As I'm writing this article, I'm yet to fully understand that quote. I'm not sure whether to put my name to it or to put the Holy Spirit's. 

How can one tell the difference between a good idea and a godly idea?

It is easy to see the difference between that which is good and that which is bad. But it is a little more difficult to discern the difference between that which is good and that which is godly.

To start with, if "as a person thinks in his heart, so is he", then the source from which a person get his/her ideas is very important. So many good ideas pop into our heads, often keeping our hearts away from what is godly.

What is the source of your idea?
Like I said earlier, I love to think. There is nothing as exciting as getting an idea, but there is nothing more important than the source of that idea. Our ideas are thoughts, and thoughts are products of what we have heard, seen or learned. Simply put, our thoughts are derived from the information we get. Where do you go to for information? 

Source = Thoughts = Ideas

That is why it is imperative to "guard your heart with all diligence".

I actually came up with one point of difference. And I'd leave you to mention the rest in the comment box.

The difference between Good and Godly is in the Conformity of God's Word.
Every godly idea is good, but not every good idea is godly. It’s never a sin to think and do good, but the thinking and doing of good must be regulated by God’s will and not our own.

Godly is good according to God’s will and purpose. For instance, there are many atheists who do a host of good things that help people and the world become a better place. But, for a good deed to have an eternal quality and impact on the soul, it must be carried out with the thought of doing God’s will and fulfilling purpose. Make sense?

A writer once said, "good is the enemy of best". Me, I'm saying . . . good is the enemy of godly.

What's your perspective on good vs. godly?

Happy New Week!
May all our creative ideas come to life.
May this week usher us into godly ideas, joy, and fulfillment in Jesus' name. Amen.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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