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When it is Broken (Like a Fingernail)

I hate doing the laundry. Phew! Note that I only said I hate doing it, I didn't say I don't do it o. As I was doing it other day, one of my beautiful fingernails got broken. I was pained. :(

When It Is Broken

We all like certain parts of our body. Yes. You might like your eyes more than your legs, or your hips more than your stomach. You might also like your hair more than your waist. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that we hate the other parts. We just happen to be proud of the parts that get the best of compliments.

For me, my long and healthy fingernails are one of my favourite physical features. When they are broken, it's OK for me to cry. Isn't it? Well, when one of my fingernails got broken, it didn't only make me cry, it also inspired me to write this article.

There are times in our lives when things do not work out as we planned. There are times when we do not meet our targets, or achieve our goals. There are times when we go through brokenness.

When you are going through such times;  Whether it is a broken friendship/relationship or any painful experience, this is what you can do. . .


At the moment when my fingernail got broken, I did not know. I just saw it broken when I looked at it. "oh no!" I exclaimed. But it didn't stop me from doing the laundry. When something is broken, don't be in a hurry to make a decision. Be patient with yourself. Take a breathe and relax.


After a while, I stopped what I was doing. I tried to understand why and how it happened, so that the other fingernails would not break too. When something is broken, take a step back to see what went wrong. Identify the real issue so that you don't repeat the same mistake.


Somehow I felt there was something about my broken fingernail. Figuratively speaking, I couldn't place a finger on it. So I listened to gain perspective. When something is broken, think deeply about it. There is something for you to discover. There is always a lesson or a blessing from it.


OK. So after doing everything I should had done. And knowing there was nothing else to do, I finally broke my fingernails away completely. When it is broken, fix it. But if you can't fix it, let it go. Go through the pain. Yeah. But don't dwell in the hurt of your past. Get over it as soon as you can.

Oh, my fingernail! It actually took me a while to break it off completely. I kept staring at it like it was talking to me. Lol. It kinda did sha. 


Finally, I stopped worrying about my broken fingernail. And was happy about the other nine. When you let go of that which is broken, you open your heart to greater opportunities. Then you can move forward because you've gained more wisdom. Congratulations!

I couldn't fix my broken fingernail. But the good thing is, I wrote an article about it. An inspiring one at that. :)

Don’t focus on the things you can’t fix, focus on the things you can. There are so many things worthy of your attention right now . . . other than a broken fingernail.

Happy New Week.
Stay Inspired.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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