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NEWS: Today is #WorldJollofRiceDay

Hello sweetie! How is your weekend going? I decided to bring you this very ridiculous and interesting news. So I went on Twitterville, and found this hashtag trending all day. Nigeria has made history. Lol.


I'd not visited Twitter since yesterday morning until this evening. I was shocked to discover that today, August 22 is World Jollof Rice Day. Lmho! According to Twitter NG, it might be given a global recognition for real. *grins* 

See some interesting tweets below . . .

Considering the fact that I saw these tweets for the first time at about 9 P.M. I'm like, if they had said anyone who did not eat jollof rice today will die, many people would have just died out of ignorance. (including yours truly). 

Glad to know I'm not the only one on Twitterville who didn't eat jollof rice on a #WorldJollofRiceDay

So did you eat jollof rice today?

Meanwhile, I found a quote I like;
"You can't make everybody happy because you are not jollof rice."


Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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