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STYLE: What a Night Gown!

(Lol. Please don't laugh at me. We talked about compliments yesterday. Remember?)

So I woke up. Looked into the mirror. And v-i-o-l-a! I got inspiration from what I was wearing. My green night gown!

Styles in an Epic Night Gown

A night gown is a gown that you wear at night. True or yes? Lol. I know that you know that I know that a night gown is a gown that you wear to sleep. It's usually a loose dress that you find comfortable to sleep in.

I slept in this dress. And seriously, I woke up like this.

You know how I look into the mirror to talk to myself. Huh? I did it again this morning. Shortly after having a conversation with my sweet self, I started feeling like a beauty queen. Hehehehe. . .

Check out these styles featured in my night gown below.

A dress worn with a belt

Mehn, this dress is massive. It is XXXL. Any dress as big as this MUST be worn with a belt. (imho)

Belts are one of the most useful pieces in a lady's wardrobe. Wearing a belt accentuates your waistline. I wear them a lot.

Looks like someone's got an idea. :)


A one-shoulder dress

There is something about one shoulder blouses and dresses. They are dramatic and expressive. They get me tripping. That explains why my G+ profile picture has been unchanged for like forever.

Put a belt on it.

You like? Me likey!

A blouse worn with a skirt

When I want to feel like I'm wearing a blouse (and not a night gown). The idea is to grab a wrap skirt, a maxi skirt or a any long skirt.

And that's it! 

Not bad. Huh?

Like a dress with an Iro ati buba concept

Just in case you didn't know, iro ati buba means wrapper and blouse in Yoruba language.

I like this concept. You'll find me wearing something like this on a Friday. I once posted a pic on Twitter.

This style creates that feminine edge you always wish to have. ;)

Like something to be worn around the neck

I'm not sure what this style is about. But it kinda make sense. I wore another dress and wrapped the night gown around my neck.

It's fun when a lady enjoys looking at the mirror. It more fun when she enjoys being in front of the camera. This is fun!

I dunno what to say. What do you think?

Like a tube dress

This style brings this tube dress to mind. It can be worn in 4 ways. To wear the night gown as a tube ball dress, I wore it upside down.

OK, I think you've seen enough already. I cannot categorically show you something now. And my spiritual fathers will now say another thing. Lol. Jk. 

Ever you seen a lady who blogs about her life night gown? You just did o

I need to use the bathroom. Brb.

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