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STYLE: Go From Lazy To Lovely With Monochrome

It’s time to clean up our acts, ladies! What do you understand by "Monochromatic fashion"? When was the first time you heard it? Don't lie! lmho. jk.

Even though monochrome is not a very new style, I get intrigued by it on lazy days.

Going Monochrome With Green

What is a monochromatic fashion? The first time I heard this word, I was like "mono-chromo-what?" Fashion terms have their way of making me sound stupid like "Which one is vintage again?" and like "Oh, I'm a geek-chic?!" Funny terms.

Monochromatic fashion is a mouthful but it explains today's look perfectly.

Here is a simple definition:
Monochrome in fashion is wearing an outfit that is comprised of only ONE colour.

Monochromatic fashion can be of the same shade or different shades, the idea is to keep the shades in the same hue. It can be bright colours, dark colours, it can even be nude colours. It all depends on what colour you choose to go with.

So I chose to go with green. I chose green. I chose green. *picture me singing*

I am a natural lover of colours and patterns. Mixing prints and colour-blocking is my most comfortable style stunt. However, I decided to step out of that a bit. Oops, I lied. I was too lazy to get creative with my outfit, which to me, means preparing for a boring look.

But just when I thought I was looking too matchy-matchy, it turned out beautifully!

When done correctly a monochromatic outfit can look both stylish and fashion-forward. Got just one good tip for you;

Play with textures

Texture is the most important element when putting together a monochromatic look like this. Make sure you mix textures within your monochromatic outfit! You want to add visual interest, depth, and dimension to your look so it’s not one-dimensional or boring. With my green monochromatic outfit, the top was my point of interest. The shiny texture brought this style to a whole new level.

If your monochromatic outfit are comprised of the same fabric throughout, you may come off looking dull. So, sweeties, mix and match different textures. Try pairing cotton, denim, satin or chiffon together.

If you are not daring enough for the monochromatic look, try it out first with something you are comfortable with. I decided to add a splash of colour with my Ankara-inspired earrings.

Green is such a refreshing colour. I realized that wearing a single shade of colour is quite a simpler, cleaner and lazy approach to putting a fabulous outfit together. I am so going to do this again with another colour - maybe red, yellow, orange, purple, pink or blue!

No more staring at that wardrobe wondering how to put things together. Monochrome is effortless. We can be lazy but not look lazy, youknowahmsayin' 😉

Are you a fan of monochromatic style? Do you find it crazy or comfortable?

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