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STYLE: 4 Harmattan-inspired Fashion Tips

Harmattan is a cold, dry and dusty weather that dulls and bores up everything. (Lemme not even talk about seeing dust on my shoes every five minutes after cleaning them up *sighs*) It has a way of telling me again and again that my body is made from dust. Like seriously.

The main issue is combating with the dry cold. I discovered a bit of struggle in trying to get something out of my wardrobe that prevents cold as well as fulfill my desire to look trendy, stylish and chic. I mean fashionable clothes which are suitable for the weather.

*clears throat* I'm happy to say I got few ideas on how to stay warm and stylish :)

  • Turtle Necks

There is something about turtleneck that makes me feel like I'm in the UK. I'm telling you... UK state of mind! Lol. Turtle necks are cozy, casual and yet, glamorous. I just love them. You can wear one with jeans, a skirt or even over a dress. Don't be afraid to be creative with it. With the right colours, you'll feel warm and look stylish.

    • Sweater-vest

    Sweater vests can never be out of fashion. They are simply classy. I feel like a boss-lady when I wear one. It gives that "Hey! I know who I am!" impression. You can find them in different colours.  I actually prefer them on white shirts for formal looks.  You'll need to ensure it's not too big that it looks like Agbada, and not too small to look like sausage roll. Lol. Choose a perfect fit and it's a guarantee that you will be comfortably warm and trendy.

    • Long Sleeves

    Do I need to say anything on this one? Nah. Let's move on.

    •  Jackets

      I love this denim jacket. And because my dad got it for me, I love it even more!

    This is more like saving the best for last *winks*. You can never do away with jackets during any cold weather. Never. It is a very important garment to shun the dullness, or harshness the weather brings. The best time to wear that jacket in your wardrobe is now. No dulling.

    That is it.

    Oya, tell me how you're creating your own style in this weather jhorr!

    Erm. . .By the way, I took some selfies *straight face*

    Can't believe I did that. Lol.

    Loving up my camera. I love my camera and my camera loves me :D

    Choi, see my dried lips. Harmattan is harsh mehn. . .!

    "Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess."

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    Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
    Twitter: @Amakamedia 
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    Bukola A said...

    Gurl! You just keep getting more stylish everytime.You look lovely! Very sophisticated outfits :) X

    Kelv Klin said...

    Not bad! I like the denim jacket on you. But there is only one thing missing in all these lovely pictures. Just one thing!

    Adeshina said...

    You know you're beautiful. Just say you want to show yourself. lol. Interesting

    Amakamedia said...

    Ahan na!

    Amakamedia said...

    Please, what is missing? :s

    Amakamedia said...

    Thanks Bukky

    Obioma said...

    me likey! Who would have believed that Amaka can be this slim????? babes, you look super gorgeous! I'm coming over to collect that turtleneck top o

    Cynthia said...

    Harmattan haff go

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