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Why You Should Attend Events

We’ve all been told time and time again that networking events are important for our career, our business and our well-being, but many of us still do not attend them. I have come to tell you about two awesome events I think you might like to attend.

Two Awesome Upcoming Events

I’m not a pro networker. I struggle with finding the right way to break into a conversation with people I don’t know. But I’ve gotten better by attending events - By sitting at tables with people I don’t (yet) know. I’ve made some amazing connections and even more amazing friends from going to live events.

Here are my TOP 3 REASONS Why You Should Attend Events
  1. For Education: There’s nothing like being in a room of like-minded people - people who are willing to take time to learn something new and want to become better. It could be physical, mental or spiritual education, doesn't matter. As long as an event challenges you to grow and inspires you to become a better YOU, it's worth it!

  2. For Networking: When you're in a room with a number of people who do what you do or love what you do, you are bound to get talking about the latest interesting topic surrounding that. This provides a great opportunity to share ideas, and expand your vision. It is also a great chance to get the contact details of those you might work with in future. It's a win-win!
  3. For Fun: All work and no play makes . . . you know the rest. Never underestimate the power of a little fun mixed with some interesting people! 

Now let's hear about some upcoming events:

  • Just Us Girls Summit

This International Day of The Girl-Child, on October 11th 2016, we will be celebrating Girls . . . their brightness, their boldness, their beauty. Yep, it’s going to be an empowering party.

Dumebi is the co-founder and coordinator of a girls mentoring program in Nigeria called Just Us Girls (All Girls Bright and Beautiful) under AprilSpring, a branch of Soheza and Eden. JUGs aims to equip girls with a sense of responsibility for other girls’ development. JUGs programmes give girls the tools to make positive life choices and have a sense of their own personal power. 

This summit will be a time to celebrate all daughters, and our equal human value, and oppose the sexism that leads so many women to abort their beautiful baby daughters, just because of their gender.

You, too, can join the celebration daughters, of universal human dignity, and the great privilege it is to be a parent of a daughter – just as it is to a son. Please note: JUGS IS STRICTLY FOR GIRLS.

Trust me, there is no way you'd attend this event and not leave with new ideas, inspirations and a sense of purpose.

For more information and pre-registration, visit https://dumebie.com/j-u-g-s/

  • Fire Of Lafta With Tiblaze
"FIRE OF LAFTA" with TIBLAZE is a three-packed fun event which features comedy, music and drama. Need I say much about it? I don't think so! I told you a little about the previous edition HERE, this time it promises to be totally different!

TIBLAZE is a clown. And his friends? Oh my! You just can't hold a laugh in their midst no matter how depressed, angry or tired you might be. I'd like you to come, connect and have some holy fun.

VENUE: Sheraton Hotels Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

DATE: 18 September, 2016. TIME: 3pm. 

TICKETS: Platinum Table N60,000 | Gold N12,000 | Silver N6,000 | RegularN2,000

Ticket available on www.blazeticket.com

For sponsorship, partnership, ticket and table booking call +2348064856534

By God's grace, I shall be hosting the red carpet. :)
* * * * * 
I've attended weddings here and there. I've been to a dinner here, a school reunion here and girls' day out here.

Attending events adds colour to our lives. 

While there are those who are born networkers, for many of us live events and meeting new people can be a challenge. But breaking out of our comfort zones is just the type of action we need to take to break out of old ways of thinking and embrace change.

Here is a personal trick: If you’re absolutely terrified about the idea of going to a conference or attending a party, bring a friend along so that you won’t feel completely on your own. It works.

Have a great weekend, sweeties.

Are you someone who likes to attend events? What event are you attending this weekend?How do you get comfortable in a room full of new faces? Please share. 

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