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WIW: Ankara Skirt and Bangles + Dear Diary, I Felt So Single There

Hello Sweeties! How is your weekend going? I've been attending weddings for three consecutive Saturdays now. And last weekend was one of those Saturdays. I do not only want to show you What I Wore, but also want to tell you how I had wished I was married. *bites lip* 

Bibian's wedding

Oh, I love weddings. I love the kisses. I love the cake, the decor, the music and the bridal dresses. I love the love in everything about weddings. It's ecstatic.

I seldom decline invitations to attend friends' weddings without having good and honest reasons. I will always be there. I am even planning to write an article that shares my experience of having been a bride's maid in more than 10 weddings. Yes o.

Yep. Bibian wedded last Saturday. Thank God I was not on her train. So I went as a guest. 

See pictures of WIW below . . .

I made the neck tie, bangles and head band by myself. I initially didn't want to wear the bow tie, but when I looked into the mirror and noticed how long my neck looked. I had to cover it up mehn.

I thought it was weird. But it's surprising how people admire and compliment weirdness these days. What do you think - cool or weird?

Meet beautiful Bibian and her cute husband, Pascal
Bibian was my course mate at the university. It is expected to see other course mates at her wedding. We had a reunion in some kinda way. I saw friends I hadn't physically seen in days, weeks, months and years.

couple with course

Reuniting with old friends has some characteristics. (See CASOR Reunion). When you first meet, you get over-excited and hug each other a bit too tightly. Oh my godddd it's been soooo looong!

Then the tight hug is followed by each of us telling the other "you look gorgeous!"

Can you see me looking so blank there? Lol. That was the very time I felt so single. I was in the midst of my married friends. "How is hubby?" one asked the other. Then it hit me like a thunderbolt. I am single . . . I have no hubby!

And I got to read 'How To Be Happy When All Your Friends Are Getting Married' again. Sometimes being single isn't fun. I said sometimes. *rme*

I actually got over my sulking mood in a sec. I was cheerful as ever. Being married or single isn't a determinant of happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. :)

You may be thinking I'm that old now. Nah. I started going to school at age 2. I graduated at a very young age. Can you imagine? I am not even 30 yet. Lol. I still have friends who are as single as I am tho . .

Check out these guys. If you were to choose for me, who would you choose? State your reasons. Jk. 

Yes. Yes. Yes. It was a successful and beautiful wedding. My friends and I rocked it. We danced. We ate. We drank. We had fun. We were are happy for Bibian . . . our friend who is now married.

Finally, we shall all be married someday. Not because all our friends are getting married, or because the society demands us to. But because we want to walk on the path of love forever with someone special, to build a godly family and to fulfill the purpose of God for our lives.

That's it.
Happy Sunday, sweethearts!

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