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What I Wore: Choke The Neck And Go Off The Shoulder

Hey sweeties! How are you doing? I hope you are fabulous and basking in the glory of God. The year seems to get better for me. I am awed by God and the things He does IN me. 

Off The Shoulder

One perk of being a freelance presenter is being free to wear (mostly) whatever I want—instead of “official outfit” like button-downs and skirts/trousers, I can indulge a sudden craving for frilly vintage clothes, denims, or even use headwraps. Anything goes!

Well, not anything.

There are a few items one shouldn’t wear even as a Christian —and it’s safe to say if the impression you are creating isn't reflecting Jesus, then . . . you are not dressed properly.

Everything comes down to the spirit in how you wear what you wear, coupled with a good dose of self-awareness.

In that spirit, I decided to show off my shoulders. Not because I want to "follow the trend" but because I want to follow the Word.
"I will place on Amaka's shoulder the key to success; what she opens no one can shut, and what she shuts no one can open."
(I personalized Isaiah 22:22 NIV)
When you know you have so much anointing (dreams, goals and responsibilities) upon you, you have to learn to LET GO of whatever it is that is trying to pull you or slow you down.

Letting go brings freedom, peace, joy and clarity of vision.

The off-the-shoulder top expresses my new SENSE OF FREEDOM in Christ! Not only does revealing the shoulders scream confidence and "sexiness", the free-ing nature makes me look as cool as I feel. I love this look.

It’s not hard to wear off-the-shoulder tops (and dresses) – they MAKE A STATEMENT on their own, so they really don’t need much else. But because I wanted to do something more creative and unique while maintaining simplicity, I opted for a touch of Ankara in a "choker" and a bangle.

There are some enticing things I'd really like to do, but I can't. I just can't. The choker expresses my SLAVERY TO RIGHTEOUSNESS. (Romans 6:19).

Mobolaji's Book Launch

I told you I'd be attending a book launch and anchoring a panel discussion here. Yeah? This was the What-I-Wore.

It was inspiring and fun. I trust Mobolaji to send official pictures (of me holding the mic) later.

Erm .  .  . I have decided to take pictures with anyone I find wearing something similar to me from now on. We'll call it #StyleLikeAmaka

#StyleLikeAmaka has actually been on for a long time, and I didn't know! I just realized I am VERY observant when two or more people wear something similar without an initial plan. It thrills me. I've posted about peplum here and khaki here.

It's high time we took it to another level. Let's start today!


And so I found someone (oops. I didn't save her name in my head) who paired the same colours like me, I thought to drag her into my camera. And guess what? The anointing of modelling fell upon her immediately. Lol.

We all look alike. Every human is differently similar.

Don't get it twisted though, the Off-shoulder trend is really intricate, and every lady should own one.

Take this away: You are beautiful. You are too blessed to be stressed. Let God be God.

Thanks for being there! *kisses*

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