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Speak To That Mountain

What is the mountain in your life? What is standing in your way? What is holding you back from going forward (with speed) and fulfilling God's plan?

Speak God's Word to that mountain!

Declarations For The Month

To declare means to manifest, to reveal, to proclaim and to issue a command. Declaration can be the release of some positive thoughts out of your mouth at the beginning of the day, week, month, or year.

It means to claim what is yours. To take over territories. To speak what you desire into existence. To release your expectations.

I am expecting loads of blessings and record-breaking testimonies this month. I've got my hope and expectation up. I am hitting the ground and running.

Are you ready to receive everything that God has for you in this month of September?

Declare with me:

Thank You Lord for keeping me through the month of August. Lord I am grateful to see the new month of September.

I abide in the secret place of the Most High, and therefore I will be protected from the plots of my enemies. God is hiding me secretly in a pavilion from the tongues of men.

I declare the month of September as my month of miracle and record-breaking breakthroughs. I receive every blessing tied to September for my life. 

I declare September as my season of joy and celebrations. I shall dance a new dance and sing a new song. People will gather to celebrate with me.

I will operate under an open heaven and blessings shall overtake me and my family. I shall receive favour everywhere I go.

I declare the birthing of purpose. Every seed of greatness assigned to me for this month shall yield increase. I shall not labour in vain.

Lord, grant me wisdom and uncommon ideas for breakthrough on every decision I have to make.

Lord, I pray for your peace and your love to continually reign in our world today.

This shall be a September to remember in Jesus' name. AMEN

Sweeties, God doesn’t want us to suffer in silence or to put up with any form of sickness or lack. His will is for us to be healthy, prosperous and full of joy and peace. That’s why He has given us the power to change our circumstances, and that power lies in our mouth.

As God’s sweethearts, let's keep speaking positively into every negative situation and see it change for the better. Gather your cloud! 

Happy New Month! 
Have a blast!

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