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People Resist Change for Fear of the Unknown

I'd say change is like waking up in the morning. We all enjoy sleeping, but respond differently to waking up. There are those who stretch their bodies and get going immediately. There are those who sleep a little more before getting up. And there are those who just stay right in bed. Which group do you belong?

Resisting Change
Embracing Change

Change means waking up from your slumber and abandoning your comfortable bed. It's like stretching your body, getting up and making a cup of coffee (or if you're like me, taking a dose of positive confessions) to kick start the day. 

Some people embrace and enjoy the fact that it's morning, like a challenge, a fresh start or a new beginning. Others do not like to leave their comfortable bed and do not trust that it might be a better day.

They are afraid to change. So they remain in the warm, comfortable, familiar bed. For them, leaving the coziness and the warmth of the bed is hard work, and it requires giving up the comfortable and familiar for the unknown.

People tend to take active steps toward the unknown when they genuinely believe, (and perhaps more importantly, feel) that the risks of standing still are greater than those of moving forward in a new direction. They want to see the future before they step into it. They want to know it is possible before they believe it is.

They fear that giving up what they already have might not be equal or more to what they stand to gain when they embrace change. They are afraid of taking the risk. They are afraid of failure. They are afraid of making mistakes.

This is why most people work 9 to 5 office jobs while dreaming of a better one.
They be like: We better stick with this one than risk failure, disappointment, or public embarrassment.
They also be like: Half bread is better than none.

Generally speaking, we are programmed to fear the unknown. Yes, I have my fears. I know you do too. Nobody enjoys walking through an uncharted course. But sometimes, to get the best out of life is about taking risks, learning new skills and stepping a little further.

How do we grow when we do not change from what we'd been and what we'd known? 

We all want to be a part of something bigger. We all want to conform to the standards of beauty, grace, intelligence, status, competency, and etiquette of our specific community. We all fear being different and standing out of the crowd. We all want to be liked, and sometimes the easiest way to do that is to follow the croud.

(OK. Lemme stylishly respond to those who'd been asking. I admire those who have recently embraced change on their blogs by moving from a borrowed site to a permanent site (I think). That's very inspiring. However, being on blogspot is not exactly staying on the bed, because I'm obviously not sleeping. *rme*)

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it's wrong to follow the crowd. I'm only saying you should upgrade to being the best version of you. Don't let your ego decide for you. Choose a new path that leads you to fulfilling life's purpose and achieving your dreams, or better still, create a new path for others to follow. Don't do things because others are doing it.

Real change is scary. I mean, really scary. Change is hard. It is a battle. Embracing change is what I'm currently doing. I am fighting a particular fear, and I'm hoping to witness the power and beauty of change. And I can't wait to tell my success story.

If you dream big like me, learn to control your fears. Keep fighting until you overcome. It will be worth it in the end. There is nothing more glorious than looking back on your choices with passion and pride. Don't resist change. 

At this point in my life, I can boldly say that:

- resisting change is when you remain in a comfortable office and forgo your dream job because you are scared of being broke, while embracing change is when you follow your dreams.
- resisting change is when you forgo a new job that pays higher and guarantees more fun because you are scared to move away from friends and meet strange people, while embracing change is covering new grounds.
- resisting change is when you talk your loved one out of switching to a new career, while embracing change is when you support those who have made up their minds to live life to the fullest.  

Sweetheart, it's a new day. Wake up. Get out of bed. Grab a cup of coffee/say a word of prayer. Let go of fear. And give change a hug. Embrace it.

Trust God to make it happen for you. :) 

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia
Heart Rays . . .giving out the light.
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