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Note To Self: Get Out Of Your Head

Are you unnecessarily driving yourself crazy? Are your feelings almost getting the best of you?

Get Out Of Your Head

The mind is like a compass that helps direct your life.

You are in charge, and you do not have to think things that you don’t want to think about.

You can simply STOP. It may take some practice, but this ability is absolutely within YOU.

The best way to apply this advice in your  life is to picture your body as a house. In your house are all of the equipment you can use to control your thoughts, and your mind is the ultimate master’s room!

Remember you use your mind; your mind does not use you.

Just like you live in a house, the house does not live in you. You decide what you want to do in your house.

But the problem is sometimes you allow your thoughts to run the show, rather than being the director of the show yourself, which would not be a problem if your thoughts were all programmed to be sunshine (light) and roses (beautiful).

When you find yourself feeling depressed, angry, rejected, broken, just there, jealous, or anything that puts you in a negative space, you should mentally get out of your head and visualize yourself going into the Master's bedroom, clearing out the cobwebs and spraying some air freshener. See yourself as puppeteer controlling the strings of a marionette.

You do this to mentally separate yourself from the thoughts that are causing you distress so that you can get out of your head and look at the situation objectively. When you do this, it allows you to choose how to react to situations (and you would usually see that you are over-reacting!).

I hope you enjoyed this post. So what have you been telling yourself lately (in one sentence)?

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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