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BOOK: The Leadership Challenge By James Kouzes & Barry Posner

In my opinion, this book is a bible of leardership. I am looking for a means to get a copy for myself. The one I'm holding isn't mine. (Even though I'm silently hoping Ayo, my friend would ask me to keep it).

The Leadership Challenge

I borrowed this book to read but I am prompted to share my thoughts on it and to recommend it. 

This post is not sponsored by the way. (I'm not getting paid to do this). But I think this book is a must-read.

Personally, I believe God wants to do something more with me through this book. I have quite a number of responsibilities in groups of about 30, 50, 200 and 500 people. And sometimes I think I shouldn't be leading anybody because I feel inadequate or that the people are not cooperating. 

I am not finished with the book yet, but I am so excited to read it. It's not a book to be rushed. Every time I read a new chapter (which requires me to ask myself practical and personal questions) I feel empowered and encouraged. I am taking note as I keep going and keep reading to hear what the authors have to say. 

Like I said earlier, Kouzes and Posner’s book The Leadership Challenge is the bible of leadership. For decades they have gathered information from studies and surveys across the world to find out what leadership is and what people look for in a leader from a Christian perspectve.

They have revised and re-revised this book. This is the 5th edition. You bet it has a lot of wisdom in it!

John Maxwell, the leadership expert has a say on it too.

'The Leadership Challenge: How To Make Extraordinary things happen' is an amazing book and I'd recommend for anyone who manages people or who is getting started in their career and will manage people in the future. In addition to providing terrific insights into the art and science of leadership, the book serves as an excellent roadmap for those who want to improve their leadership skills.

I like it!
No, I mean, I love it!

You know you are a leader, right? Yes, you are!

Just in case I never get to buy my own copy to give a proper review like I have done here and here before, I want to share my take-aways so far:

  • Leadership that is spiritual takes seriously that there is a force at work in every organization. The energy for change is not a function of how hard the leader pushes. There is something else at work that transcends the time-management chart and the performance indicators. It’s the difference between the job and the vocation – the calling.
  • When challenging the process, leaders must ask themselves two important questions: Who am I doing this for? and Am I ready to suffer? 
  • The key to servant leadership is humility. 
  • Encouraging others is not the same across the board. Leadership is a relationship. So cultivate that relationship by finding out what unique encouragement each individual requires for maximum encouragment. 
  • Credibility is doing what you say you will do. If you lack credibility you will never be as effective of a leader as you would have been. Be consistent across the board. 
  • Work on yourself before you work on others. Work on yourself more than you work on others. It is easier to teach what is right than to do what is right. People do what they see. 
  • Listen to what the people want and yearn for. How do you know what they want? By interacting with them.

I'm not sure if it's OK to copy an entire book on a blog post. Lol. But seriously, sweeties, this book is a must-read.

Are you aiming for a better future with exciting possibilities? These are 8 points I discovered between the lines of chapter 4 titled 'Envision The Future':

  1. IMAGINE your own careeer ten years from now
  2. DREAM of a position that suits and serves you well
  3. CREATE ideas that can get you there
  4. LOOK WITHIN for strengths that you did not know you had
  5. LOOK BEYOND any possibilities
  6. STRETCH YOURSELF with release that seem unachievable
  7. CREATE your own position
  8. CREATE your future

If you know how to get this book, please do. Your life will never remain the same. I mean, you will be better for it.

Have a beautiful weekend, sweeties. 

P.S My friend, Mobolaji just published her first book. I shall be attending the book launch and possibly be anchoring a panel discussion on fatherhood. You are invited!

What are your favourite inspiring books? What are you currently reading?

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