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STYLE: What Is "Vintage" Anyway?

I am literally laughing my heart out! It wasn't until someone said "Amaka, I like your vintage shirt," that I knew I was wearing one!

Yes, you guessed right. I googled it! Lmho!

Vintage Style

Do you know what "vintage" is? I am not sure I do. In fact, I am not interested. LMHO.

I am such a nice person. Even though it doesn't catch my fancy, I have the urge to share this with you.

Here is what I found:
"In fashion, vintage denotes an exceptional example of period clothing, or clothing which still has some commercial appeal despite its age." 

Another one:
"Vintage style is usually a classic design that is accessorized in such a way that it hints at a specific period of fashion from a bygone era."

Ahan! Too much grammar. All they are trying to say (which sounds rather silly to me) is that vintage means "olden days clothes" in layman's term. LMHO.

Image search for "vintage shirts" showed this:

That was how I realized I was indeed wearing a vintage shirt. :)

You do agree with me that I styled it effortlessly. Don't you? 

My Tips
1. Use accessories in solid colours to tone down the mixed multiple colours in your clothing. (Don't wear vintage on vintage, please!)

2. Since they said "vintage" is olden days. Lol. Add some modern spice to your outfit so that you will not look "old school". (modern hair, modern shoes). You get what I mean? 

I wouldn't say I'm very much into FASHION anyway. It's safer to say I'm more passionate about STYLES. I enjoy finding shapes and silhouettes that flatter me and make me feel good, which for me means dressing in a colourful, vibrant, modest way.

I pretty much have the opinion that everyone looks and feels best when sticking to their very own personal style - An expression of individual taste, creativity and charisma - and then accessorizing in whatever way makes you feel glamorous. 

You could go more modern and trendy, vintage or retro, or you could do like I do sometimes by swinging on with an Ankara African touch. Whatever way you choose, just know that it has to make you feel beautiful and comfortable.

Well, I just love the pop of vibrant colours on the shirt. Who cares what they call it anyway? LMHO. 

I really need to upgrade my fashion vocabulary, if I have any.

What does vintage mean to you? Feel free to google it and share what you think. 

P.S I'd be at Fire Of Laughter With Tiblaze. The event I told you about HERE. Have a fab Sunday!

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