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STYLE: How I Rerock My Denim Skirt (On The Red Carpet)

It's Sunday for WIW. I want to show you WIW to 'FireOfLafta with Tiblaze' . I can't remember what took me so long to "save" these pictures here. It's a carry over from 2015. *covers face* 

Social Style

Honestly, my love for denim is becoming a bit awkward. I don't understand this sudden crave popping out from nowhere. And there is no sign of me slowing it down anytime soon.

You've seen me wearing a denim dress in a picture I posted on Instagram. Right? If you haven't, click here to see. By the way, why aren't you following me yet? *rme*

So I wore this denim skirt again. The other day, I tagged it as "street style" because I wore it on the street. Now I am going to tag it as "social style" because I wore it to a social event. Lol. Yep.

I know a little about fashion. I have to say this, if you're thinking about wearing denim to a social event, consider the feel of the event in question. This style was on point that day because 'FireOfLafta with Tiblaze' was a funful event on fashion, music and comedy altogether. It wasn't a cocktail event. 


I was feeling myself that day mehn. My natural hair, the heels, the black top, the earrings and the belt were perfect for that day. It couldn't have been for any other day.

See pictures of me on the red carpet . . .

with Pst. Dozie
with Lolabest & Pst. Simcard
with Pst. Simcard
I actually co-hosted the red carpet with Lolabest. (unfortunately, almost all the pics I took on the red carpet were blurry.) The event was superb!

Can I get enough of this denim skirt already? Not yet. I have not even started rocking it. Hehehehe . . . 

We can pretty much rock denim everywhere! As long as the jeans are well-cut and neat, cool. But there are some occasions when wearing denim is way too casual or just impractical o. So you have to know when to draw the line.

Rule #1
Never wear denim to a friend's wedding. No matter how rustic you think the wedding is going to be. I repeat, you should never wear jeans to a wedding. If you insist, wear a dark chinos instead.

Rule #2
Never wear denim for a job interview. It's not appropriate (even if your industry is not corporate). Erm. . .
 Those are the rules I know for now. Any another rule I should know about? :)

I'm yet to decide which style fits better - the previous (street style) or this one (social style)?

Happy Sunday, sweets!
Thanks for permitting this display of craziness here. It's so thrilling. Loving the style adventure all the way.

There is plenty gist for tomorrow o. Till then . . . stay inspired. *kisses*

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