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Dear Diary, I Went For CASOR Reunion 2015

I did not only go to the University, I also became a CASORITE. A CASORITE is a member of the Christ Ambadssadors' Student Outreach (CASOR). When you graduate as a CASORITE, you become a Senior Friend. As Senior Friends, we hold a biannual reunion weekend. So I attended this year.
CASOR Reunion 2015 in Pictures

A CASOR Reunion is a time of home coming for those who have graduated from the university as CASOR Members (CASORITES). During this event, brethren on campus (Junior Friends) welcome the brethren who are graduates (Senior Friends) back to campus and the fellowship. It is usually a three day program. Precisely, it holds during the weekend.

I had no idea that the theme for this reunion was going to be; "A Season Of Refreshing" until I got there. Bearing in mind that I already decreed my way into a season of new beginnings, I rejoiced in my spirit. The word 'refreshing' is synonymous with the word 'new'. Should we call that a coincidence? No. It's a divine alignment of the Word of God. 

Event Descript

I decided to make this looooong post about CASOR Reunion 2015 because the next events of my life will start from here. I took quite a number of pictures to keep the memory, share the experience and tell the story.  


AEn route Enugu

I traveled with Chris and Ella. (They appeared in almost all my pictures) 

Our ride

Ella was a great companion. She kept the conversation going.

But Chris was just sleeping anyhow. smh

We stopped at The Ore Park to buy something to eat. Mehn, weren't we starving!

There were so many temptations for just three stomachs. Chris, Ella and I even had a "talk show" on what to buy. Lol. 

Finally, Chris bought a bunch of banana. Ella bought suya. And I got plantain chips. We sure enjoyed the rest of our journey.

B. Arrival

By the time we got to Enugu, the battery of my phone was already dead. So I didn't take pictures of how we stepped out of the car in a grand style. :D

C. Registration & Welcome Address
The opening meeting was held at FBA Auditorium (oops! You didn't attend my school. lol). We worshiped God for how far He has brought us. At some point, we all became emotional. 

The senior friends who were present introduced themselves and said few words about their experience in school to encourage the students (Junior Friends). 

When I held the microphone, I said something like; 
"Life is all about timing. If you get an 'F', don't kill yourself. But I hope no one is getting an 'F' sha. Always remember this, whatever it is you are going through now, God will use it to build your future." 
Oh! And we sang and danced to our family song over and over again like we did many years ago. It was epic!

We also got our branded polo shirts, notebooks and pens. It became official; "Welcome to CASOR Reunion 2015!" 

D. The Guest room

It's been a long day already. I ate the noodles we (Uma, Chris, Kachi, Ella, Ngozi and I) struggled to buy in front of Lady Ibiam hostel (the hostel I had stayed in all my years in school). I hurriedly drafted a blog post, had a good bath and went to bed.


Saturday was a full day. We had three programmes lined up for the day; the morning drills (spiritual and physical exercises), leadership forum and networking, and dinner with the King.

A. Morning Drill (6:00 A.M.)

We'd not had our bath. Nobody applied lip gloss or wore earrings. We woke up like that, we stepped out like that, and we were cool like that.  :D

it was still dark when we started
Ella was the best dressed . . . well kitted (when yours truly wore a skirt. Lol)
meet Lucky, he's one of my crazy friends

O-M-G! And we went to Patmos! The place where I first believed. How lost I was in His awesome presence. I renewed my covenant with God right there.

B. Leadership forum

Senior Friends arranged a career talk with Junior Friends who were grouped into their respective faculties. It was very enlightening, I must say. I was too 'serious' at the forum that I forgot to take pictures. I only remembered after eating (when the forum had ended).

I really enjoyed the semovita with vegetable soup soup. Sumptuous! 

Aww. .   Sweet Chizzy stopped by
played with lil Dave (Chinwoke's son) 
Remember my granpa? I told you about him here
Senior Friends  present

The forum gave us an opportunity to expand our network. So we exchanged business cards.  :D

C. Dinner

The dinner was in an exquisite hall in town. Nice place but it was too dark to take pictures.

what I wore
I still can't believe I wore no earrings to dinner. (I actually didn't want to)
see Chris in my picture again

After the heavy lunch I had, I couldn't do dinner. I only took a drink. For me, the most interesting part of the event was the little exhortation given by Dr. Chief, which he titled, "Becoming you"

I didn't eat food, but the WORD I heard was more than enough. So I went to bed with a bigger dream.


It was a Thanksgiving and Communion service.

A. Before the service
I took some pictures at the guest house before going to fellowship.

Meet Ngozi. The lady with a beautiful heart

I know what you're thinking. No, I wasn't late for service.

B. During the service

Personally, I feel it's not cool to take pictures during service. So I have just these three. . .
choir ministration
drama presentation

C. After the service

This is when the hugging, screaming, and fafing occur. Everybody is happy to see everybody. And everybody takes pictures with everybody.  ;)

Senior Friends present

(too many pictures to select from. Issokay.) 

i. We went to Shoprite. You need to see how beautiful the environment is. The Shoprite in Enugu is incomparable to the ones I've been to in Lagos. I'm telling you! 

ii. Chris and I went to Umuahia, Abia state with Lucky and Ngozi. We spent the night there. (That's another long story. Let's skip it.)

Back to Lagos

Ella stayed back to visit an aunt who stays in Enugu. I was left to travel back with Chris. Thank God he didn't sleep! We talked and talked for hours. I didn't know he is that "nice and cool"

And so I got home safely. Praise God!

Wait, you think I didn't take any selfie. Huh? Of course, I did!

selfie for Saturday morning drill
selfie for Saturday dinner
selfie for Sunday service

Hahahahaha! It was fun to see and meet friends I'd not seen in years. We had the time to relish the memories we've shared, share the hurdles we've crossed and pray for the future we crave.

There is nothing as beautiful as having a family that's closely knitted into one. This family has taken me into their arms, and I'm so glad to have a part in this story.

CASOR Reunion 2015 was indeed a refreshing experience!  :)

Which fellowship did you belong to in school? Ever been to a school reunion?

P.S. You might have an issue if you're using the desktop view. I dunno what I clicked on to disrupt my previous customized template design. My comment box has also disappeared. Bear with me, I'm working on it. 

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