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Stop Disturbing My Life

Hi sweeties! How are you today? The weather is so cool over here. There is a gentle breeze coming through the window in my little cozy room. Hmm .  .  . *inhales slowly* I am enjoying a breathe of fresh air.

Lemme tell you about it. :)

Do Not Disturb

I am a calm person. I hate drama.

A-ha! Remembering that I told I do have a dramatic personality yesterday, and then saying that I hate drama today sounds a bit awkward to me. Lol. There are two different things, you know that. Right?

I can be such a drama queen when I want to. But I like to maintain my cool most of the time.

Have you read this article yet - What To Do When You Feel Like Punching Someone In The Face? I think you should if you haven't. :)

This post is a sweet short one (like last week was). I don't intend to write for too long because I no longer care about unnecessary elaborations. I do not enjoy excessive pleasantries anymore. I am done with THAT THING that has been disturbing me for months.

I am H-A-P-P-Y!

It is from an awesome sense of freedom in my spirit and an optimum level of peace in my heart that I write this to someone:

If something or someone is causing you to feel less then your splendid sweet self, step away from them. If someone or something makes you doubt your position in Christ, stay away from them. This is your life. And trust me sweetheart, you were not created to feel sad, insignificant or under appreciated. I'm encouraging you to forgive and accept, then move on. Put your hot diggity beautiful self out into the world and find your tribe. The people who love you, inspire you, charge you to grow and lift you higher are those you need to pour your love and light into.

When there are negative things in our lives, they can become an addiction. We know they’re bad for us, yet we justify them. We say things like, “I know I need to let go of _____, but I can’t right now because of ____.” 

See, making excuses for sadness to seep in, it needs to STOP right away. Catch yourself when you are at it, and acknowledge the fact that you’re wrong and change your direction.

Bad things are bad for you, no matter how many times you want to paint them good.

One of the best feelings in the world is when you STOP bothering about the things, people or habits that disturb your peace. Let go of anything that makes you sad.

After you have let go, put up the sign 'DO NOT DISTURB!'

Now guess what my latest discovery is? Just the same way we've got LOL to mean 'Laugh Out Loud' and BRB to mean 'Be Right Back', yours truly recently found her very own:

SDML - Stop Disturbing My Life
DND - Do Not Disturb

I love you. Shine on.
Have a drama-free week!

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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