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Dear Diary, I Achieved Nothing Today

Life is full of uncertainty, we've just got to learn to live with it. This was what happened yesterday.

Nothing Achieved

The day started on a good note.


Wrote out my to-do list.

Had my bath.

Dressed up.

Read mails and messages. Replied some.





"what did I achieve today?"


Absolutely nothing.

I planned:
  1. To go to the studio
  2. To record the script
  3. To go to the tailor

  1. I didn't go to the studio. 
  2. I didn't record the script.
  3. I didn't go to the tailor.

  1. I realized I wasn't with the script just when I set out to leave.
  2. I searched for the script but did not find it. I was lazy too angry (at myself) to score another one. It took me more than 30 mins to get that script ready. "What a waste of time and effort!"
  3. The tailor didn't answer my calls and I didn't want to go there and not meet her. Besides, I have been rejected by two other tailors (who bluntly refused to help me cut the fabric) and I'm not ready to go through that again.

Right now:

I am so angry.
Perhaps, at myself. Or should I blame the devil?

Going to studio would have made it possible to record the script. And recording the script would have made it possible to edit and mix it all up on Tuesday. By Wednesday, I should have mastered it. Then by Friday, I should have sent it for review. By Saturday, I should have received some feedback. Then by Sunday, the voice-over production should have been done and dusted with.

Going to the tailor would have made it possible to meet with the tailor. And meeting with the tailor would have made it possible to cut the Ankara fabric. (I could have cut it myself but I don't trust myself to cut a perfect pattern for a peplum top just yet. Besides, the fabric belongs to a client and she needs it by Friday). By Tuesday, I should have sewn a little. By Wednesday, I should have seen a little more. Then by Thursday, I should have finished sewing. By Friday, my client should have her beautiful peplum top ready.

This was the plan.

But now that Monday has already been jinxed, I am wondering how this week would eventually end . . . Oh, I am wondering . . .

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Ever had a day like this? What do you do when your awesome plan fail? 

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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