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N600 Made-in-Aba Sandals Have Lasted For 2 Years

Yes. We'll celebrate Nigeria till the end of October! Here's another one. Two years ago, I went to Oshodi market to buy these sandals. I remember vividly when I got this pair of sandals because at that time, I was planning to wear a touch of green for Independence day. Lol. I always wear green on that day jarey. 

Patronizing Made-in-Aba Products

It's good to wear designers. But sometimes you should get it from the Aba guys. These guys are very creative when it comes to designs.

There are certain things I wear that people admire and say they love them. I smile knowing they are made-in-Aba. The truth is, it's not about who made it. It is who wears it and how it is worn. That is what "style" is about.

As long as it is of good quality, it is fine, and I like it. There is no big deal buying it.

I thought to make a post out of these made-in-Aba sandals I bought in 2013, for as low as N600 (Six hundred Naira) in Oshodi market, Lagos state.

When I got these sandals, I honestly didn't expect them to last longer than a month. They didn't look durable. All I wanted was to have something green to wear for Independence day, October 1. That they actually made it to 2015 still amaze me. Aba guys on point! 

The only adjustment I did was to give them to a shoe mender who had to resew them around. I be like; "Aboki abeg sew am round" That's basically what I do to all my made-in-Aba sandals.

you can see the second sewing
How I rocked them last Christmas
Two years after, this is the only glitch . . . 

The colourful buttons fell off
But that's not a problem. I will fix them. Even if fixing back the buttons doesn't work, I'd take off the buttons on the other sandal. It will still make sense. *grins*

Like seriously, we should encourage these Aba guys by patronizing them. They have great potentials and they are trying really hard. I've seen, bought and used quality made-in-Aba products that have lasted longer than some other foreign products.

When products made-in-Aba or made-in-Nigeria are patronized by the government, celebrities and everybody, then more goods will be produced, wealth will be created and prosperity will be circulated. Let's join hands to make our country better. 

Do you have any made-in-Nigeria product?What is the longest it has lasted?


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