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STYLE: Dull Ankara Material Turns Into a Bright Flared Skirt

You remember the brown Ankara material I told you about here. Huh? I finally made it into a skirt. Trust me, I added light, colour and energy to it. *winks*

WIW: Ankara Skirt

If only I can be patient enough to sew clothes, I will be a very good tailor. No jokes. I have a sewing machine and I know how to sew. I learnt tailoring while waiting for my UTME result.

It's just that I have some really good excuses. One, my sewing machine needs to be taken to a mechanic. Two, I dunno how to go back to my "madam" who I left without saying a word. Lol!

But I'm thinking I should get serious this year. Who knows? That could be another journey of self-discovery. *giggles*

I may not have sown my clothes but I have always designed what I want my clothes to look like. I designed this skirt myself. And I'm so happy it turned out beautifully.

See my modelling pictures below . . .

God knows I love skirts. I believe to wear skirts is to embrace my feminity and vulnerability. I feel so natural and comfy in them. I don't try too hard to be and look like a lady. A skirt is enough to create that impression. 

Some of my most inspiring style ideas are derived from wearing colours. I feel my best when I’m walking out the door in a colorful outfit. It could be a pop of colour in my accessory, a shade of bright color in my shoes or a spiral of colours in my clothes. There just has to be some colours mehn!

There are all sorts of studies that show that colours not only brighten your mood and feelings but also your perception about life.

That explains the pop of colourful layers at the helm of my skirt. The layers totally tranformed the skirt. Don't you think so?

 Aha! I didn't forget my favourite spot :D

To the ladies, will you rock this?
To the guys, would you like it on "her"?
Happy Sunday!
"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine."
~ Anthony J. D'Angelo

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