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Why Do I Have This Sewing Machine?

Yaayy! It's weekend! There are variety of  happenings during the weekends. From laundry, to cleaning, to making my hair, to visiting, to weddings, to partying and to church rehearsals and all that. But this Saturday comes with few activities, which gives me an opportunity to sit on my sewing machine.

My Sewing Machine

I really do like fashion. 

At the age of 8, I was already drawing patterns of what I want my Christmas dress to look like. I basically know how to design clothes even without a training.

I attended a tailoring school earlier in 2006 while I was waiting for my UTME result. I spent about three months there. So I learnt the basic things about tailoring, which included, peddling and threading a sewing machine, holding a pair of scissors, folding a cloth, etc. It was really exciting at that time. Somehow, I couldn't continue because I had to go to school.

Again after school, instead of sitting at home and thinking about my jobless situation. I went to spend time with my tailor (this woman is really good with materials. She's one of those people who are born tailors)

She made this beautiful dress I designed. Sadly, this' the only picture available.
I gave her some money to teach me how to sew like her. (I guess I wanted to take it to the next level. lol) Barely a month with her, I got a job. It's been almost a year, I've never gone back there. Why? I'm also asking myself o
According to the article about how to be a fashion designer on Wikihow. I have just one step to go. The last step is to be able to create the dress.

I admit that Fashion Designing will be a lot easier with a good knowledge of tailoring. I also agree that practice makes perfect.

I've got a sewing machine for crying out loud. I fear it's been jinxed. Every time I plan to do something creative with it. It falls apart. (To think it's a brand new one with a recommendation from a good tailor. Phew!)

It's 53 days to the end of the year and I can't boast of having to make a simple skirt all by myself with my sewing machine. Can someone tell me why I have this sewing machine??? *tears*

Another Saturday gone.

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Written by: Nwamaka Ajaegbu
Twitter: @Amakamedia
Email: amakamedia@yahoo.com

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