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Time To Pursue, Overtake And Recover

Receive divine speed! Get set on divine speed and break earthly speed limits!

Divine Speed Activated

Among the dictionaries I checked, I mostly prefer how the advanced learner’s dictionary defined speed: Speed is moving quickly towards a goal or performing at an expected rate or level or when things happen more quickly beyond expectation.

Speed is when things happen more quickly beyond expectation. 

. . . happen more quickly . . .

. . . beyond expectation . . . 

I love that! 

To have speed is to achieve more than what you dream in the shortest time ever!

Do you get that? I mean, do you really get that?

As in, if ordinary speed is to move fast. And then you are are given divine speed to move on God's own timing. Do you know the level of progress you'd be recording?!

Oh my! 

For better understanding, speed can be divided into categories:
  • Divine speed – achieving your dreams at a God-given time.
  • Human (ordinary) speed – achieving your dreams at a reasonable time.
  • Over-speeding – putting yourself on unnecessary over drive because of selfish and unguided ambition.
  • Slow motion – when the rate of accomplishing your goals is slow or stopped.
  • Deceleration – is the opposite of speed, instead of moving forward, the situation is deteriorating. It becomes worst.

Are you moving?

What's your speed?

Are you OK with that?

Things That Slow Us Down

Fear: Someone defined fear as 'false evidence appearing real'. Lies are projected into our minds to paralyze our passion. Situations are blown out of proportion to create instability. As a result of fear, our hearts are troubled, unsettled and uncertain.

Are you troubled? "Let not your heart be troubled"

Discouragement: This is a very efficient weapon of paralysis. A discouraged heart leads to headiness. When we are discouraged, we lose heart, shut down creativity, cut off divine inspiration and lose speed.

Are you discouraged? Encourage yourself! Hear God say: "Be of good cheer, I am with you."

Pain/Failure Of The Past: The devil is a master trickster. He always wants to access our minds and dump rubbish there. Guard your heart with all diligence. You have been forgiven. Your past sins don’t exist anymore. The blood has blotted your transgressions. Accept, rejoice celebrate your freedom.

Sin: Sin slows us down big time. If you don’t fight and seek to be free, sin is capable of holding you down on one spot for the rest of your life for a very long tme. "Fight the good fight of faith!"

Anxiety: Unchecked anxiety can drain your spiritual vitality. Prayerlessness and broken personal relationship with God is an obstacle to fulfilling your dreams.

Ever wondered why on earth the enemy attempts to slow you down or stop you? As for me, I know why.  

(I am laughing in my Spirit right now. Lol!) 

Why You Are Being Slowed Down

- He wants to steal, kill and destroy more kingdom-minded people as soon as possible. That's all he knows how to do.

- He doesn't want you to take over nations, cities, families and communities. He knows if you do, many more people will drawn to God.

- He wants to reverse the progress, achievements, and breakthroughs you have already RECORDED. (By the way, I hope you've been keeping record?)

Are You Moving, Waiting or Stuck? 

If you're on the journey to achieving your dreams - there are times when you MOVE WITH DIRECTION and times when you WAIT FOR DIRECTION. That's fine.

However, the most unacceptable and unpalatable experience is to be ‘STUCK’ at a level. When you are neither moving nor waiting. When you remain where you‘re actually qualified for a higher performance. When you are "just there." Nothing is happening.

So, are you waiting or are you stuck? You really should check.

I was stuck until I realized what was going on. I'm in a season of Divine Speed! And the devil seems to know about this. The level of distraction and temptations coming my way recently have been so high! And I'm like, "You this devil, ogini?! Leave Me Alone!"

If you are waiting where you are supposed to be running, there is a problem somewhere. It means you are stuck.

And if you are running where you are supposed to be flying, there is also a problem somewhere. It means you are stuck.

Not Anymore

Enough of slow progress. Enough of no show of evidence. Enough of miscarriages. Enough of getting no result. Enough of staying long on this spot. I have had enough! Enough!

Are you not tired of being stuck at one spot? I am so freaking tired! 

Therefore, I have positioned myself to receive divine speed on this journey to achieving my dreams. It's time to pursue, overtake and recover!

PRAY YOUR WAY. It's time to arise, shake off the dust, cry unto the lord for strength and grace to move, to move with great speed!

Activate Divine speed In Your Life

Slow and steady does not win the race oh.

Overtaking is allowed. It does not really matter who started first, it is who comes first (at the end). 

Many have gone ahead and you are still “held up” in God’s presence, waiting upon Him. Hmm . . .  when God says it is time for you to be glorified and set forth into manifestation, what are you now waiting for?

It's time to run faster than you ever had. It's time to overtake those who seem to have gone ahead. God has said it, and no demon or witch or anyone can stop you. 


Sweetheart, the tide is turning in your favour this season. Your testimonies shall be so massive! All you need to do is to stop every negative thought, draw close to God and make Him your focus. 

Go pursue! 
Go overtake! 
Go recover!

Have a great week! 

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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