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STYLE: Coupling Up

Can you remember the time somebody else was wearing the same outfit as you? How did you react? For me, I take advantage of the situation and create a style post out of it.

I've done it before (here and here) and I'm doing it again. Ain't nobody got time to be shy or embarrased.

Coupling Up

This has happened to almost everyone. Yeah, I'm sure. There was probably a time when you were out at an event, or the movies, or the mall, or at school, or in the church and you suddenly noticed that someone was wearing an item identical to what you were wearing. Maybe the same dress, jacket, shoes, t-shirt . . . etc.


As soon as Ayo (I once introduced him here) walked into the technical/media room, I noticed we were wearing the same style. Immediately, I exclaimed "Awww! Let's take pictures. We look alike today." 

And that was how #StyleLikeAmaka came into play.

I believe fashion does not end with what you wear. It starts there. You might have one item, but you can style it in million ways. You can accessorize differently. You can as well team it up with something else.

I'm not sure I'd always love to wear the same outfit with future hubby. However, I'd like our outfit to be, at least complementary. I think it's cool.

I once read about a couple who'd been wearing the same outfit for 35years. 35years! The story blew my mind. (Read about it here).

It would be a pleasure to choose future hubby's t-shirts and sneakers as I've already been practising with my brothers for such a long time just in case one of us insists on coupling up in style.

Okey-dokey. There are two things I want to bring out from this post:
  1. What's your take on coupling up . . . yay or nay?
  2. When you find someone wearing the same outfit as you (exactly the same), what do you do?
I always love to hear your thoughts.

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