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RELATIONSHIP: What To Do When You Forget A Friend's Birthday

Since I hardly get by on Facebook, I seem to forget everyone's birthday these days. I don't even know who is married and not married anymore.

I don't just say "Sorry". Here is what I do now!

When You Forget Their Birthday 

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Debbie called and mentioned that she has given birth to a babygirl. And I screamed. "Are you serious?!" "Congratulations!"

I didn't even know she was married. Lord have mercy! I felt terrible.

It is a terrible thing to forget your friend's special day. (especially if you don't get notifications because you are not always on Facebook. When it comes to birthdays and weddings, Facebook has got their game on.)

Nonetheless, the fact is we are all busy; there are documents to read, articles to write, stomachs to feed, project to wrap up and the latest series on TV to watch. Lol. It is inevitable that we will forget a friend's birthday somehow.

It’s not because we don't care about them but some things are bound to slip off our memory.

Anyways, here are some tips on what to do when you miss a friend’s special day.

#1: Use Social Media

Social media is bae. It works for this. Find your friend on their most frequent social media platform and say a simple happy birthday with a happy smiley. It will not cut it with most close friends if you’ve missed their important day.

You don't have to stop there. If you are a radio personality, wish them a happy Birthday on air. Oh, yes you can post a very old fave picture of both of you together. They'd love it! Create a heartfelt video on Instagram or Snapchat. The possibilities are endless and you won’t even have to go to hide when you see them again. *winks*

#2: Call Them

Not everyone gets a phonecall on their birthday. Most people like to text. I realized that once I say "Happy Birthday" on Whatsapp on a friend's birthday. That's the end. What about you? 

So if you forget a friend's birthday, call them up. Make them happy with some jokes or tease. If you have a croaky singing voice, that's the best time to showcase it. They'd laugh their heart out. And what comes next after laughter? Forgiveness. :)

#3: Pray For Them

The best gift you can give to your friend is saying a prayer to God for them. I automatically pray more for my friends when I forget their Birthdays. (PS. If I don't remember your birthday, and I eventually do. Be happy! I will pray hard for you! Lol.)

Part of the prayer is: Lord, bless her and make her forget I forgot her birthday. Give her a heart that forgives. 

Who wouldn't like that? *grins*

#4: Buy A Gift

Well, it's not too early or too late to give your friend a gift. Check what they've got on their wishlist (I unashamedly posted my birthday wishlist) and grant them one. They will love you more than they ever did before their Birthday. Hehehe. .  

For instance, if someone gives me a canon camera as a birthday gift three months after my birthday. C'mon! I will even forgive you if you forget my next two birthdays. 

#5: Be Honest

If your friend is a lie detector, you better don't lie! Just say the truth. You forgot. Fullstop. Honesty is always the best policy. Apologize unreservedly and use one of the less deceptive tips above and all will be forgiven. (I had to confess to Chioma Ejide. That babe is a mind reader. She knows when I try to bend the truth!)

Forgetting a friend's birthday is actually deep. We talked about being careful and carefree two posts ago. Let's show love with care in everyway.

If none of these tips help, the only thing that will help is TIME. Give your friend a week or so to calm down and hopefully things will go back to normal. 

However, don't forget next year. Mark your calendar already!

Walk in the way of love . . . Live as children of light. 
~ Ephesians 5:2,8

Let's discuss. What do you when you forget a loved one's birthday? Do you think it's a big deal if someone you care about forgot your birthday? 


Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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