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8 Types Of Friends You Need In Your Life

Hiya! It's Love-Wednesday! Let's talk about friendship today. Shall we?

Friends are essentials to have. It’s not about how many friends you have, it’s about having friends who bring positivity and inspiration into your life. When it comes to friendships, it about quality, not quantity.

Friends You Need In Your Life 

We all need great friends and we all deserve to have people in our lives who  bring out the very best in us.

Many of us have had seasons in our lives where we come across toxic friends who do nothing but drain us, exhaust us, suck the energy out of us and make our lives miserable. These types of friends are the worst, and we are all better off when we cut them out.

But we need a diverse, well-rounded entourage that will always stick with us, in a time of need, sadness, or just someone to talk to for company. Not all friendship is the full package, but each individual/group brings something to the table. Here are the 8 types of friends you need to have for a life filled with positivity, inspiration and love!

1. Spiritual Friends

They are the ones who draw you closer to God. They inspire your spiritual growth. They push you for deeper Bible Study.They wake you up at midnight to pray. When you are heartbroken, they pray with you and share the exact Bible verses you need for healing and strength. They talk to God on your behalf. They are the ones who say,  "sis, how far? How is your spiritual life?". They keep you in check. 

Shout out to 'The Women At The Well'

2. Straight-Out Friends

These friends give it to you straight. They tell you the truth no matter how it hurts. They are direct and brutally honest. They can tell you, "That was a stupid and dumb thing to do! Are you out of your mind?!" They kind of borrow you sense when it seems like you lack some.

As much as we all enjoy hearing assessments of ourselves, we also need the truth, no matter how ugly it may be. Friends are supposed to be honest with each other. If you find someone who is brutally honest with you (in a constructive way), then hold on to this person! it’s just the sort of authenticity you need. People like that are hard to come by these days. See article 'When A friend Lies To You'

3. Smart Friends

These ones are the dreamers and achievers. Having people in our lives who are good at giving us a push in the right direction is a valuable asset. They train, teach, inspire or help you. They are the mentors in your life. They don’t have to share the same career or hobbies with you. They are those who are a few steps ahead of you and have enough wisdom and patience to guide you in the right direction. It can be anyone — a colleague, a former boss, a friend who’s beyond their years, or an older neighbour — you look up to them and want to be as smart as they are.

Shout out to 'The Amplify Network'!

4. Stylish Friends

I call them the "sexy friends" (some people call them the "slay" friends). Your sexy friends are the ones who push you to hit the gym. They are the fashion police. They show you the way to loving your body and what fits your shape. They might be hairdressers, fashion designers or makeup artists to spur your "on fleek" days. When your wardrobe is getting a bit out of control or when dressing up on a particular day becomes a nightmare, and you need someone who can tell you "girl, what's up with those earrings? They don't match!", you need them. They make your personal style statement pop easily!

Shout out to the ones who would be helping out in choosing the wedding dress!

5. Social Friends

They are the adventurous ones. They are exciting, and great to hang around with. They are the ones who will pull you out of your shell and introduce you to new ideas, philosophies, and activities. They have the latest gists and know the latest trends. You go to the beach with them. They are the ones that you call up when you just want to let your hair down and have a good time.

You may not necessarily share your deepest secrets with them but you can trust them to find the coolest event in town or fun things to do.

6. Silly Friends

They are the ones with a comic spice. They are full of energy and always up for a laugh. They can be absolutely obnoxious and loud, but there is never a boring moment with them. You don't like them but you like them. They keep you on your toes. They give life to your messy days.

Shout to friends who are as silly as the one who called my mum his mother-in-law on Facebook!

7. Sensitive Friends

These are the therapists. They are the best listeners. These are the friends that you go to when you have a lot on your mind and you need someone to listen, just listen.

That moment you need someone to tell you "you will be fine", you find them. They are blessed with the ability to listen and leave their own opinions aside when all you need is to pour your heart and soul out.

We all go through very awkward seasons, and that’s why it’s important to have a friend who understands and empathises with you. A sensitive friend is a real gem.

When I was in my prime, God's friendship was felt in my home.
~ Job 29:4

8. Sweet Friends: These are like the icing sugar. They are the friends who silently or publicly look out for you and support you as walk towards the path of following your passions or walking upon water. They cheer you on. They serve as your fans, clients, subscribers and promoters. They make your journey interesting. For example, those who continue to visit this blog and go as far as sharing posts even when I have nothing "sensible" to say. Lol. I call them "sweethearts". Shout out to you, yes, you!

"Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.”
~ Woodrow T. Wilson

Let's celebrate our great friends everyday. They are a blessing to our lives. They make each season of our lives worth the while.

So, what kind of friend are you? What other type of friends did I miss? 

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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