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Less Is More When God Is Involved

It's a New Week. I believe someone needs this encouragement as much as I do. Let's not deprive ourselves of joy in the “little” we have, we see and we know.

Less Is More

This article was inspired by a Youth and Singles programme which took place in my local church last Friday.

I am privileged to be an executive member of the church youth group. We started a monthly fellowship with great passion and expectations. But somewhere along the line, many of us grew weary due to certain things we couldn't control.

Among the things were the number of attendees. Two things occurred in our last fellowship:
  1. Less than half of the executive members of the youth fellowship showed enough support and faith in the fellowship for this month
  2. Less than half of the number of the youths who showed up for the previous fellowship were around for the fellowship for this month. The number was poorer than poor.
And just when we thought it was going to be a "normal" fellowship with nothing special, the unusual happened.

The fellowship turned out to be the best version ever. From the opening prayer to the closing prayer, we felt the magnificent presence of God. God really showed Himself mighty. And no one could take the glory.

It was so glaring before our eyes that it was all God.

The few who attended are still testifying about how God did what He did. *Johnero can bear me witness.

When you find yourself in a position where you worry about numbers, remember this key 🔑:

Less is more and more is less.
- Psalm 37:16a, MSG
The world says "the more the merrier". But in the kingdom of God, less is often more.

There’s nothing more disheartening to a preacher/speaker than to see empty seats. I’ll be honest—I like meetings where you have to pull out extra chairs and make the executives/organizers stand. Why? Because I assume if God’s blessing is at a meeting, people would show up. I like numbers because, in my human thinking, crowds are more important.

But God’s ways are not our ways!

God doesn’t evaluate us based on numbers, nor does He rate our performance by comparing us to someone else.

Many pastors of small or medium-size churches get discouraged because they evaluate their ministries by counting the number of empty seats or the amount of money in the offering baskets. Many bloggers get discouraged because they check on their statistics by counting the number of comments or the number of subscribers. Many entrepreneurs get discouraged because the only clients they have are within their family and friends. But God ways are not our ways!

Forget the numbers. Ignore the stats. Let God be great.

Acknowledging the greatness of God is the cure to our fears regarding the numbers. Because it changes everything.

Instead of dwelling on what we don’t have, acknowledging God's greatness reminds us of all we’ve been given. Instead of how we don’t measure up, it reminds us of the limitless grace that’s ours. Instead of self-pity, it gives us a reason to lift our hands and hearts in praise.

God's greatness is remedy to our inadequacies, weaknesses and fear. It is also the greatness of God that should be the preventative measure for any pride or arrogance when we succeed. It is He who has done it, not us.

Lemme tell you something that would blow your mind, the most read article currently on my blog has only three comments. Three. People from nowhere are searching Google for the solution that the article provides. I can't brag because I know I did nothing to promote the post.

God may reduce the numbers so that we will not boast in men or ourselves and so that He will get the glory.

Don't worry yourself when the numbers are reducing. Your friends may be reducing. Your traffic may be reducing. Your profit may be reducing. Don't worry yourself. God will get the glory.

A-ha! Remember the widow’s last drops of oil and grains of wheat? Because less is more when God is involved, it was enough to sustain Elijah, and her, and her son. Let God be great jhorr!

Sweeties, we need to know that God is totally sufficient and is not dependent upon us. We need to realize that He does not need more effort (at doing good) on our part, but to have absolute trust in Him. 

Even now, as my beautiful and long fingers move across the keyboard to add a fresh paragraph where I can tell you "less is sexy", God is pressing "less is more" on my heart. So, I don't have to write any more words to make this article worth reading . . .

Have a fabulous week.
Stay positive.
Stay inspired.
Stay strong.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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