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On Being Saved, Sound And Sexy

Hi sweethearts. Today I'm excited to share this piece of my heart with you. I'm in a place with God that allows me a greater measure of freedom to express myself.

Saved, Sound, And Sexy

This article is to encourage you to declare who you are in Christ. The enemy has no power when you know the God you serve and who you are in Him. Do you know who you are? As in, do you really really understand what you know?

Well, I don't know so much about myself. I am on this blogging journey to discover the who and the what about me. Here are three things I now understand . . .

On Being Saved
state of deliverance: from sin, destruction or loss

I grew up in a traditional Anglican church so I learned very early that to be “saved” meant that I would go to heaven if I accepted Jesus as my Saviour. That was, of course, true.

But it was only after I came across the interpreted Hebrew definition, that I learned that "save" meant much, much more than I thought it did. See article 'Survivor versus Saviour'

The Hebrew word for "save" is “yasha” and it means "to be open, wide or free; to be safe; to free, avenge, defend, deliver, help, rescue, be safe, bring salvation and get victory." Wawu. Now the word “save” takes on a new meaning. This isn’t a word that just applies to the distant future when I go to heaven. It carries power for the here and now. It promises deliverance for me, freedom for me and victory for me NOW.

Whenever I read a Bible verse with the word "save", I say the whole list of meanings I now know rather than just “save.” I can’t tell you how much this has helped me to grow. My spirit, soul and body is saved. Hallelujah!!!

We also know that Jesus’ name in Hebrew is Yeshua. Right? Meaning the name of Jesus means "to save, rescue, preserve, and get victory." Every time we use the name of Jesus, we proclaim a complete victory right here in our earthly life as well as in the certainty of spending eternity with Him in heaven. Isn't that just amazing!?

On Being Sound
in good condition: solid and strong
free from mistakes: showing good judgment

In moments of stress, pressure, or fear or when you’re so exhausted you can’t think straight, have you ever been tempted to say, "Oh God, what is wrong with me? Am I going crazy"?

If you’ve ever felt this way before or if you’re tempted to think like this right now, let me assure you: You’re not going crazy! God’s Word declares that you have been given a sound mind that works even in the craziest and most difficult situations!

For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
~ 2 Timothy 1:7

Why is it important for you to understand this? Because when you begin to live a life of faith — when you reach out to walk upon water — the enemy will try to assault you mentally and emotionally in an attempt to stop you. For instance, he may speak to your mind, saying things like, You can’t do this! This doesn’t make sense! Are you crazy?

You have the right and privilege to tell the devil to shut up by declaring positive affirmations that your mind is sound, safe, and secure!

You have the power to choose rightly, to make judge rightly and to live rightly. Your mind is blessed like that of Christ. Ever read the part of the Bible that says  "you have the mind of Christ?" If that doesn't blow your mind, I wonder what will?!

A sound mind is a healthy body. And a healthy body is a healthy life. What can be better than that!?

Oh my! 

On Being Sexy
attractive or interesting: appealing

Before I proceed. . . If you are offended by me using the word "sexy" all this while, then you might need to accept Jesus into your life.

The word "sexy" has been baptized by impurity and lustful connotations. However, for me and my household, it means to be attractive in an interesting way. All things are pure to those who are pure. (Titus 1:15)

Many "religious" Christian seem to have lost sight of the core command: Be like Christ. Be a reflection of Jesus. That means when people see us, they should desire what we have because they see an attractive, interesting and appealing Jesus in us.

We are commanded to "go and make followers of all people." Well, how do you make a follower of Jesus when you don’t look like Jesus? You can’t! Those outside the kingdom should desire and be drawn to the spiritual relationship we have with Jesus.

In other words, we are called to be "spiritually sexy" or spiritually appealing to those around us. To win them over to Christ.

(Did you know Esther was sexy to have captured the eyes of the King? Topic for another day! I'd like us to explore this subject on "sexy" deeply in a much latter post. Let's see how it goes.)

* * * * * * * * * 

There is a whole lot of S-words to describe my life status right now.

I won't be wrong if I say "I'm single, smart, and sweet." or that "I'm strong, secure, and satisfied".

However, today

I, NWAMAKA AJAEGBU, DO HEREBY PUBLICLY ACKNOWLEDGE MYSELF A SAVED, SOUND AND SEXY WOMAN IN JESUS CHRIST. One who has found grace and true freedom in Christ with an inner radiance so bright and colourful, that she shines no matter what.

Fill the gaps yourself.


We must reposition ourselves, inspire ourselves, and most importantly remember the divine nature of who we really are and our eternal destiny that lies before us.

P.s Word definitions from Webster Marriem Dictionary.

Have a super-duper week.
Stay SSS: Stay Saved, sound and sexy!

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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