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Reflecting On My 6th Twitterversary

Six years ago today, I signed up for this thing called Twitter, even though I had no clue what it was. I created an account, sent my first tweet "I don't know what ayam doing here oo", and ran away.

Few tweets later, my life changed.

Happy 6th Twitterversary To Me!

Few years back the only thing I knew about Twitter was the absurd notion that it was only created for celebrities — the music icons, movie stars, political leaders, etc — to keep their fans abreast of what was happening. Absurd precisely because I was just a fresh university graduate when I signed up. It didn't seem like I was anything near being a celebrity or something.

And you know the weird thing about preconceived notions, they melt under the shocker of reality. Being on Twitter has been an eye-opener, if I should go deep, I'd say it has been life-changing. I have met some amazing people (you know who you are ;) People from all spheres of society and from all over the world. Everyone is a celebrity in their own little and great ways.

Interesting stuff this Twitter is. Really.

So back to my original intent. To celebrate the sixth year of showing up on Twitter!

Change Is Real

When Twitter notified me it was my 6th Twitter anniversary today, I had goose pimples. What have I been doing on Twitter for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 years?! I hope I have not wasted my life oh!

It's super interesting how your social media profile can show you how much you have evolved over the years.


I was open to explore Twitter. 

I didn't know what I was going to do. I had no clue. I read tweets by the famous, the infamous, the ordinary and extraordinary. I observed a lot, I must say.


I was finally getting Twitter.

I exchanged banter, information, pass the time of day and tweet just about anything with some great people. A simple "lolz" as a reply to my tweets was a big deal.

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I was playing on Twitter.

My default mode was to write something ambiguously clever with a funny twist. I loved tweets that either make me smile or laugh. People were connecting because they could relate. I put some effort into it. 

But what makes me laugh might not make the next person laugh. So instead of a funny profile, I swallowed my creative pride and went with something easier and a bit more abstract. Love.

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I became intentional about what I was saying on Twitter.

Writing a strong, descriptive bio was a great strategy—for me, for the people following me and for those intending to follow. I guess it led to more followers as it seems to be an ideal way to Sell Yourself. They knew what to expect when they follow me.

Having 10,000 followers was a milestone. I am dreaming about 100,000 followers now, can you help me? Yes, please. 😃


I am no longer playing on Twitter. It is now a part of my job . . . my business . . . my ministry . . . my life.

I tweet to inspire, to connect, and to promote a good cause. 
Sometimes I share my blog posts. Sometimes I promote my business. Sometimes I even get paid to promote other brands. It's amazing how many official Twitter accounts I now manage!

Participating in an online community of creatives, networking in this digital age and sharing my portfolio in a single scroll has changed my life in a HUGE way. Personally and professionally, it's brought opportunities into my career, and my friendships that I never saw coming.

My profile isn't what I want it to look like just yet. However, I am grateful for how much I have learned, grown and evolved by simply showing up on Twitter.

Happy Twitterversary To Me!

"Get up. Show up. Grow up. And things planned and unplanned will begin to happen."
~ Amakamedia (2017)

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my journey. May your path shine brighter!

What has your journey been like on Social Media? Are you the same persona on social media as you are in real life? I'd love to hear from you.

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