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DIARY: "You Are As Beautiful As A Butterfly"

A reflection on being likened to a butterfly and the grace that entails.

As A Butterfly

Me: *closes eyes to pray with tears in her eyes*

God: I have come on the wings of the wind to meet with you, My heart is aching, longing, desiring. My very being yearns to commune. O, how I have missed you.

Me: Lord . . .

God: You are no longer held captive in a cocoon, no longer hidden. It is time to fly with freedom under the protection of My mighty wings as you rise to see My face, as it flows with goodness and glory.

Me: I don't know why he . . . 

God: Awakening is here. Love is awakened, My beloved, swinging wide the doors of opportunity, favour, mercy, glory, and honour. Embrace it.

Me: I embrace this day with a great expectation. The expectation to become all I was created to be. The very nature of who You made me is awakening like the rising of the dawn. I have a strong feeling that something massive is about to happen.

God: Your expectations will not be cut short. I am returning hundredfold everything that was stolen while you slept. I will do for you far more abundantly beyond all that you ask or imagine according to your inner power.

Me: Hmmm . . . but I don't think . . .

God: In My eyes, you are as graceful, colourful, butterflies drinking pollen from the beautiful flowers of My creation. Fluttering, floating without care, causing amazement as you move from place to place with elegance and grace. You are full of beauty and strength. . .

Me: Wait. Is it me you that is full of strength? No, I fell into the temptation. I failed You. I got carried away by the sugar-coated offerings of the enemy, and I let down my guards. Lord, I am not that strong.

God: It is not dependent on your desire or effort, but on My mercy. I have removed shame from the deep places of your heart. The things you thought and used as excuses, allowing them to bind you in a cocoon of sleep, I have removed.

Me: *tears* How can you love me beyond my faults? No one loves me like this. *tears*

God: You are as beautiful as a butterfly. I always loved you. I have been jealous for you, My beloved. The things you do can neither increase nor decrease My love for you. I have taken the crooked staff the enemy used to reach out and wrap around your neck, pulling you back into the places of darkness, and turned it into a sword of the Spirit. As you remain faithful to Me, I deny him any power over you. My grace is sufficient, and My love gives you freedom to lift your graceful, yet powerful, wings, so you can soar above all that was.

Me: *tears, tears and more tears* You are so so faithful . . .

God: All those who discounted you will see you in a new light as I expose you into My promises and the redemption of your calling. Those who cursed you will rise and call you blessed, considering it a privilege to know you.

Me: Amen. I love You . . . I love You. Keep my heart ever close to You.

Source: Butterflyfarms.org

God: As you rise and fly in the current of My mighty wings, you will have sight into My realm of goodness and glory. Your perception into things will be Mine. I have called you to collect pollen and take it from place to place. The deposits you share will make it possible for gardens to bloom in the lives of others.

Without pollen, without the deposits of My sweet presence, many would stay in their bound up cocoons way past the necessary time. The right amount of time produces one like you, while excessive time destroys hope. As you dispense the sweet pollen of My nectar into the lives of others, low self-esteem and self-pity will be exposed and removed, and I will remove the reproach of men upon their lives.

Me: Amen. Amen. Amen.

God: What I do, no one can contend with. I remove and break away all words and judgments of men and even family. In the process, I bring a work of humbleness to their lives, thereby, freeing them at the same time. In the long run, what I do through you becomes their freedom. 

Drink continually in your communion with Me that you may come in and go out of My presence with the necessary pollen to produce in like kind.

Me: Your presence is where I always want to be!

God: I love you, My beautiful butterfly

Me:  *spreads hands as wings* I fly into my purpose and destiny.


Sweetheart, Pray With Me:

Lord, I agree with You that I am as beautiful as a butterfly! I stretch out my wings. The criticisms have fallen away, and Your goodness, favour, and  mercy is upon me today and forever.  I surrender all my heartbreaks, pain, my excuses and my limitations. I lay aside every barrier and I go beyond the horizons. I receive restoration of everything that was stolen from me. Let me feel the movement of Your mighty wind beneath my wings as I fly into my purpose and destiny . . .

. . .  in Jesus' name. Amen.

What does freedom mean to you? What needs to be cut out from your life, so you can fly?

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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