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This Is All About Face Modelling

I have never appreciated makeup artists and the art in makeup by itself as much as I did yesterday. I looked at the mirror and couldn't believe what I beheld.

Face Modelling 101

Money is the only thing that can motivate me to comfortably wear makeup on my face. I cannot be wearing mascara and carving my eyebrows for nothing. Makeup for me is strictly business.

And sometimes, when the camera exclusively needs my face to be made up for me to be on it. Cool. 

I am an avid shutterbug. Hence, my venturing into Face Modelling.

I have shared my passion for Voice Acting, hosting Red carpets, Anchoring events, Radio broadcastingSewing, Making Ankara accessories and even Natural Hair. I thought to share this one with you too. You could be my prospective agent/client. You could even be inspired to become a model. Who knows?

Let's talk about it. 

What Face Modelling Is

Face Modelling is modelling the face. Simple and short.

It is the term used to describe photoshots that are taken solely of the face. To promote cosmetics, to appear in campaigns, bill boards and posters about product with a focus on facial features.

What Is Required

The same way it does not necessarily matter what you look like when you are on the radio because all that is needed is your VOICE.

It also doesn't matter what you weigh or how tall you are when you are face modelling because all that is needed is your FACE.

Isn't that amazing?!

You don't really have to be tall and slim with long legs. Just have fine facial features - eyes, nose, cheek bones, lips. That's all.

How To Do It

I dare not say it's easy. Lol. It requires patience and practice.

The work is where you have to use your face to create an expression. 

You have to work with your facial features using your eyes, cheeks and lips. 

The position of your face is crucial in conveying various expressions. Like narrowing your eyes, pouting your lips and lifting your head. A new angle can change the expression of a shot instantly. 

It is praiseworthy practising using your face to create diverse looks so you can deliver emotions naturally.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you'd notice how I try to pose my face to suit my articles. E.g sick face, smiling face, straight face. The mirror in my little cozy room is bae. I keep practising with it.

Practice. Practice. Practice. 

Most Recent Project

So I was called up for a bridal makeup photo shoot. It was expected of me to radiate love, joy and happiness as though it was my wedding day.

Never been a fan of makeup, but I love this look on me. It gave a better understanding of Revelation 21:2 - "prepared like a bride adorned for her husband".

Tosin, the makeup artist did a great job. She might be the one to do my makeup on 'our' real big day. I like her.

Can't get over this beat face. Accept my insincere apology. Lol.

These are just pictures I took with my phone, and I am already feeling on top of the world. When the official (professionally edited) pictures are catalogued, what would I now come and do? Smh. Maybe I'd scream and dance naked. No, wait, I'm guessing fainting would be better. 

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Now That You Know

Get to work.

Practise expressing emotions like sadness, anger, joy, loneliness, fantasy. Make these looks your own.

Then start telling people that you are a Face Model, like I am doing right now. :P

See you on the next cover!

* * * * * * 

OK. That was all about Face Modelling.

You know I usually post about STYLE/WHAT-I-WORE on Sundays. Yeah? But I couldn't pass this up. The temptation is too much for me to handle biko.

I really really want to show you What I Wore for the shoot . . .  It wasn't a bridal dress as it seemed. That's one of the perks of face modelling.

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Being a model means being great at faking emotions (perhaps I should say at expressing emotions) and looking good in pictures. How I enjoy the art of modelling.

My people, it's indeed a beautiful thing to be beautiful in pictures

However, the most beautiful thing about it all is to FEEL beautiful. 

How you feel in your heart reflects in your eyes. It's an INSIDE-OUT living. You can't give what you don't have.

YOU are a model.
Have a swell weekend.
Love you. Mwah!

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