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Why I Don't Blog Everyday

"You are not a serious blogger if you don't blog everyday". "You can't be successful as a blogger if you don't blog everyday."

And those words made me bit my lip.

Not Blogging Everyday Works For Me

A digital expert and news blogger, who happens to be my boss highlighted on the fact that big blogs rank well on search engines because they tend to post more frequently with fresh content. He said the more posts you publish per day, the higher your chance of achieving higher traffic rank.

I've heard that before. But hearing it again at this time got to me.

My first thought was rather depressing because it seems impossible to compete with these "big" blogs. I started to question myself.

"How do I blog everyday?"

Even when I was unemployed, I couldn't publish articles everyday let alone now that I write for two other blogs and create social media content for specific brands.

I write everyday, but they stay a while as drafts.

It is one thing to write everyday, it is another thing to publish articles everyday. To publish an article means you have completed the article, edited it, re-edited it, designed the header picture, chosen the feature pictures and your mind is prepared for any reaction (whether positive or negative) from your readers. 

It is a whole lot of work . . . especially if you are not collaborating with other bloggers/writers to write for you.

"How do I publish articles everyday?"

There is noise everywhere. The internet is flooded with information. People need more personal authentic stories on the web.

Let's think about this together. Flash back to the last blog article that really touched you. Flash back to the last post that was so good you just had to send it to someone just to let them know you found it. You can be sure it was detailed, useful and personal.

You can be sure it took time to be created and I can bet it was longer and deeper than other articles similar to it.

I like my content to come naturally to me, and I don't like to force it. 

"How do I produce personal content (from my heart) everyday?"

I love writing. And I have learned to love it even more over the past three years of blogging. But it can be mentally, spiritually and emotionally draining. Authentic writing includes your heart, soul, and mind. It calls you to tear yourself open for everyone to see. And emotional fatigue can be just as real as physical fatigue.

When a blogger says she needs some time off to refresh, you should understand.

A news blogger can update content everyday because I mean, the information is right in front of us. However, a lifestyle blogger doesn't really have to update everyday, because s/he has to find the inspiration within . . . Heart Rays

It's deeper than it seems.

So, when someone tries to make me feel sad for not posting daily, I know they haven't read this post.


My blogging schedule looks like this:

Mon - Inspirational Review
To help us kick start our mind for the week 

Tue- Dear Diary (bi-weekly) 
To connect with personal thoughts, feelings, and relatable moments

Wed - Career Development 
To share insight on issues relating to employment, business and financial matters. Basically, to learn how to balance life and work.

Wed (Alt) - Love and Relationships
To help us improve on our relationships; whether with ourselves, with friends, with colleagues, with siblings, or with parents. Basically, to inspire us to live life filled with positivity, inspiration, and love.

Fri (Alt) - Random gists/news and generally cool stuff
To put us in a relaxed mood and get us in the know.

Sunday - Style 
To inspire your styles and modelling skills. Lol. Well, we all know what this is really about. *winks*


I choose to stay on my lane.

It takes a lot more energy to focus on publishing personal and useful articles that solve problems, inspire and help people. It takes time too. So much time.

I'm yet to see a true lifestyle blogger who writes about fashion, food, relationship and shares bits of her life EVERYDAY all by herself for an entire year. Have you?

If you know anyone, I'd be more than happy to sit at a table and have a one-to-one conversation with that blogger.

To be honest, there’s no right or wrong way to blog. Or at least, no standard right or wrong answer to whether to blog everyday or not.  Do what works for you 

Blogging is in a world of its own when it comes to rules. What works for one blogger might not work for another; that's just the way it is. 

The truth, however, is:
You can't give what you don't have.

Unless of course, all you do is copy and paste. *winks*

Please, sweeties, allow me blog at this pace because it works for me. Three posts per week is not bad jhorr. I genuinely love blogging. I love the interaction with you; I love being able to share a perspective on a topic and have you offer yours. It's fun.

Let's discuss:
To bloggers, what works for you when it comes to post frequency - hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly?
To readers, what makes you keep coming back to a particular blog? 

Issa sexy weekend!
Stay inspired!

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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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