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Are You Open To Love?

It's Love-Wednesday! This one is for the singles. :)

Attitude is everything when we approach people. They are watching. They are listening. And they are taking notes. I hope we are sending the right signals. 

Make Your Heart Ready

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This is the time to work on your interaction with people around you and make sure your connections are sound. If you have issues with anyone, please deal with them before someone comes along. You don't want a barrier in that area.

God is the only perfect Father. Humans are guaranteed to disappoint. We've all been hurt, but we can still choose to love.

We all have issues, but we have a choice to either love in fear or love by faith.

Whatever your personal experiences, you can either be depressed in them or be inspired by them. Learn to look beyond the faults of people and see their needs. Learn to look beyond their weaknesses and see their gifts. 

Work on your standing relationships and resolve outstanding matters  so that you can keep your heart healthy. A healthy heart is one that is lively, happy, peaceful, free from all forms of bitterness and filled with eternal sweetness.

Are you moody? Are you happy? Are you at peace with yourself? Are you at peace with God? Is there anyone who has treated you badly, and you want them to suffer? Do you habour an attitude of entitlement when things do not go your way?

Many times pride and fear of rejection stop us from being approchable. We create an invisible wall to shield us, and people come close but can't get in. We stop being vulnerable. We close up.

Set yourself free to enjoy and live life now.

The point is: if we are not open, no one will come in — even those who want to. So check your attitude.

Are you open to love?

Ask some straight-out friends who will be bluntly honest with you what signals you are sending out. Ask God to lower your defences. You must learn to hide your heart in Him.

 Ways to Open Your Heart

There are many practical, every-day things that you can do. Here are some personal ideas:
  • Get out. Talk to strangers. Be deeply aware of your environment. The beauties and the uglies.
  • Do all you can to forgive someone. Just let it go.
  • Make a list of everyone you can think of who loves you or has loved you--living or dead. Love is always present, even when a relationship has "ended" or a person has died. Let the love sink in. Try to keep the awareness of being loved in your heart all day, like a warm glow.
  • Perform an anonymous "random act of kindness" at least once a week. Notice how it makes you feel.
  • Reconnect with an old, dear friend. Let them know what they've meant to you.
  • Create and repeat customized affirmations like:
 "I forgive naturally and easily."
"My heart is sweet"
"I am surrounded by love"
"I am saved and secure"
"I am made to love"
"The love that I give comes back to me many times over"
"God, My Heart Keeper knows what and who is best for me"

If you have checked your attitude and found no issues there, but it seems no one approaches you and you are wondering what is wrong with you, stop bothering. Fear not.

If you have checked your heart and find no bitterness there, but it seems no one comes to say hello and you are wondering what is wrong with you, stop worrying. Fear not.

Rest in the knowledge that God is preparing you. As much as God wants to give us the desires of our heart, more so, He wants to change our heart. To fill it with love, trust, and wisdom. To pour down freedom, peace, and make it more like His. Allow Him to complete what He is doing. In the end, you will become a finer package. The best version of you.

In the mean time, unpack your baggage and settle your issues. Clear the air around you and be open to love and new beginnings. 

"Finish your outdoor work and get your fields ready: after that, build your house."
~ Proverbs 24:27

What are doing right now to prepare your heart?

P.s This is a note to self.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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