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More Than A Yellow Ankara Dress

Yellow is one my favourite colours. It's pretty difficult to argue that yellow is particularly peaceful or neutral, but for me it is vibrant, joyful; the colour of positivity and creativity.

Paint The World Yellow

As I always say, the clothes you wear are talking even when you are not. Every time you select a colour to wear you are making a statement of how you are feeling and how you want others to interact with you. So, it is recommended that you ensure your wardrobe is full of every colour for your every mood.

I'm in a happy place. Yellow can be said to be my colour of the month. I found a beautiful yellow Ankara fabric designed with red, black and white to give me that head turning gaze that I always want. Yes, I love attention. Lol.

I'm wearing a sexy yellow pencil Ankara dress, and tried to express a level of creativity by wrapping my scarf around a black Fedora. Cool, yeah? Classy I'd say. ;)

You can't appear sad or depressed when you are in yellow. As a matter of fact, the first words that consistently come to mind when people see you in yellow are "sunshine", "warmth", "cheer", "happiness" and sometimes even "playfulness".

One of our most loved former Zonal Pastor visited our parish with his lovely wife. And as soon as I set my eyes on her, omo, the creative lifestyle blogger in me saw an already-made #StyleLikeAmaka post. She was dressed in a yellow Ankara outfit too. So I dragged her to take pictures with me.

Barely two minutes of being with her . . .

Yellow being yellow, some teenagers were literally drawn to us. They felt the happiness and warmth in the air. I guess. 

I can't find myself in this picture. Imagine. They just came and stole my show.

Wear yellow often. Let's build a growing upward spiral of optimism, cheerfulness and joy.

People need you to spread a dose of positivity in the air. And in the short run, well, you get to enjoy the bright smiles and beautiful pictures. :)

I hope you've been inspired to paint the world yellow.

So, would you wear a touch of yellow tomorrow?

Happy Sunday!
Stay positive. Stay beautiful. Stay sexy.

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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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