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How To Rock A Bodycon Dress Modestly

Many people may not consider the bodycon dress as modest, but it is undeniably a bold statement of self-esteem and body confidence. It all depends on how you wear it according to your body shape and size.

Rocking Bodycon Dresses Modestly

I guess it's wise to not assume everyone knows what a bodycon dress is. Hello brothers! 😉

Here is a simple description:
A bodycon dress is a one-piece figure hugging garment that clings tightly to the body.
The bodycon dress can be a girl's best friend or worst nightmare.

One may be tempted to think this dress is a quick and simple solution to achieving the perfect look, but it can be tricky if you don’t have a body of a supermodel (and really, how many of us do?).

You may have to reduce the amount of food you eat or starve yourself for few days to pull off this look without holding your breath. (I am laughing with myself and saying "Amaka, ahan, it's not that deep.")

Well, there are some simple tips to rock a bodycon dress without killing yourself or anyone for that matter.

Legs, tummy, boobs, bum

It’s probably been said a thousand times: you can’t have everything, so pick one and shine. It's not even right to have it all on display. Even in the hottest weather, try and pick just one, two at the most.

Long legs? Flat tummy? Big boobs? Fine bums? The body confidence thing starts with knowing your best asset. Scrap that.

Which one do you think I picked in this purple bodycon dress? 😊

Go for thicker fabrics

For modesty, the idea of wearing a tight-fitting garment made of thick fabric sounds more appealing. A more structured thicker fabric will look better than a thinner fabric.

No Pant lines

For modesty, wearing the right underwear is crucial when wearing a bodycon dress. Visible panty lines are totally disastrous. (Let me confess, I wore full pants more than once. But we learn everyday, yeah? That's why I can share these tips with you, sweets) Ensure there are no visible pant lines when you wear a bodycon dress.

Pant lines draw attention away from the smooth lines of the dress and can make you, and those around, feel embarrassed. You can wear thongs or tight instead.

Use less Accessories

The bodycon dress is a show stopper on its own, which means it's best to keep the accessories at a minimum. Skip the heavy-duty jewelry and focus on pieces meant to complement, not overpower, your outfit.

Use a belt and leave out the necklace, or use a bead and leave out bangles. The lesser your accessories, the more flattering you will look.

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Cinch the Waist

Who says you have to be a size zero to rock a bodycon with ease and pride? A simple trick to look slimmer in this daring dress is to use a tiny belt. This will create the illusion of a smaller waist.

If you can even find a bodycon dress that features black or navy panel sides, nice. Double nice.

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Move Your Best

Sensuality is conveyed in the way you move. Make the effort to walk in front of a mirror to watch how you move. Good posture is essential to modesty, otherwise you just look browbeaten or lazy.

Keep your stomach and bum in, your chest slightly up and your head straight. Walk like a star that you are.

If an outfit makes you feel too self-conscious, don’t wear it.

Modesty is not just an issue of what you wear. It is primarily an issue of the heart. If you find yourself rebelling with the idea on the standard of dress required of you as a Christian, then there is a problem.

What are your considerations for modesty?

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